Whats it worth?

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  1. There is a guy here in town that is wanting to trade his 64 1/2 Mustang Coupe for our 96 4x4 Powerstroke. The situation:

    The car: has 124,000 miles ( about 2,600 per year), 170 six, 3 speed manual, manual drum brakes, manual steering, white with black interior, No rust, No wrecks, Checked the frame rails and even under the battery tray for rust and could not find any. :rlaugh: , We think it has had alteast one repaint. It has what appears to be dealer installed underdash AC, How can I tell if it is a Ford piece? Very very clean car, almost looks brand new, even looks like the hubcaps are original.

    How much would this car be worth in cash?

    Any hints or helpful tips would also be appreciated.:nice:
  2. Possibly 8K-12K?
  3. As for the underdash A/C; here's one out of '66 Mustang:

    66AC_std.jpg Understand that there are now licensed aftermarket reproductions of this underdash unit from companies like Vintage Air that very faithfully copy the original, right down to the Ford "shield" between the two center registers.

    The better clue to originality would be the York/Tecumseh compressor; which looks like a small lawn mower engine:
    On cars, the compressor normally is mounted on it's side like this:

    Modern repros generally use a Sanden compressor, not the Tecumseh unit.

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  4. Thanks guys. Might be a new stang in the stable soon. Keep you posted
  5. Believe the '64-1/2 and '65 versions look just like the '66 one pictured, but the face is not blacked out.