What's new at Last Call Racing, Mid-April edition

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  1. April has been quite a busy month for us, so we just wanted to drop a quick e-mail letting you know what's up with everything going on here at Last Call Racing. Earlier this month, we became the newest Griggs Racing dealer, and have added two more to our lineup.

    H.O. Fibertrends has been making the best fiberglass hoods on the market for quite some time now, as evidenced by Ford's choice to use them for the 1995 and 2000 Cobra R hoods. If they're good enough for those cars, they're more than good enough for yours, and they're good enough to find themselves in the Last Call Racing catalog.

    We've also added our San Diego neighbors, Autopower Industries, who have been racing and creating custom safety products your Mustang (or any car, for that matter) for over 35 years. Protect your best investment (yourself) with their cages, harness restraint systems, Hans devices, among many others.

    We finished up some nice cars this past month, like a 2001 Mustang GT which started life as a 4.6, and is now tearing up the streets with some custom LCR cams, heads, and other go-fast goodies, oh yeah, and another 50 cubic inches.

    We've also got some 3v and 4v cam designs, so if you're willing to try some out, and are in the Southern California area, please give us a call, or e-mail [email protected].

    In closing, this weekend, Knotts Berry Farm in Anaheim/Buena Park, CA is home to Fabulous Fords Forever, one of the largest car shows on the west coast, if not the largest. We'll be running around in our charcoal t's, so if you see us running around, feel free to grab us and pick our brains, or just say hello.

    Just so you know...

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    Novi 1200 starting under $2800

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    13" LCR Track Pack - New Brakes and Rotors for $475 shipped

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    roll cages starting at $425.99

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    hoods starting at $389

    More good stuff coming its way in the next couple of months, got some interesting projects coming up soon. Should be fun. Thanks again everybody, we'll see you in the next e-mail.

    Last Call Racing
    (858) 527-2917
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