Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Mach428, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. I wanted to ask some people who have had some personal experiences. What car has quicker 0-60 and 1/4 times, The 03/04 Mach 1 or the 2001 cobra?
  2. Mach1 ~barely~
  3. more like Mach 1 hands down.....
    but whatever you like to think :nice:
  4. Mach 1 has a stronger low-end, so 0-60 and 1/4 is going to be a little better but the 01 Cobra has a little stronger top-end
  5. Not knocking on the Mach1, it's an awesome car, BUT:

    If the Mach misses a shift, his ass is busted....
    If the Mach short-shifts, his ass is busted...
    If the Mach gets a poor dig, his ass is busted...
    If the race is longer than 1/4 mile, his ass is busted...
    etc., etc.....

    A stock 99 Cobra runs 13.7-13.9 and a stock Mach1 runs 13.4-13.6 at best, so yeah....call me crazy but I'd say that's "barely".

  6. Gotta love people that don't know there info. 5spd Mach 1's run mid 13's at worst with a decent driver. Wish I could find that magazine that compaired the 01 Slowbra, Mach 1, and Bullit.....it was a must read for all you non believers.
  7. ...magazine racers :rolleyes:
  8. So with a good driver a Mach1 is a 13.0-13.3 sec car..is that what you are saying?
    Have you ever had your Mach on a 1/4 mile while it was stock?

  9. Your a Moron. that's all :p
  10. I'd say barely as well. They are the same car except the Mach 1 has a new and improved head design, different cams. I beat a stck one with my mods from a stop, a roll and top end then a few weeks later the same one put on a offroad x-pipe, cat back, and CAI and beat me by a car from a stop, pretty even from a roll got me by half a car and I still beat him on the top end, passed him by the end of third and shifted to fourth and he couldn't catch up.
  11. 03 Mach 1 > 01 Cobra

    End of Discussion
  12. I'd say the Mach, hands down. Equal drivers the Mach will pull. Mach has solid axle. Compression is 10.0 to 1 on the Mach vs. 9.5 to 1 on the Cobra. The Mach also has different cams. I've personally seen a couple of Mach 1's dyno just over 300hp with a catback. Ford really underrated the Mach with the #'s they put out.

  13. Glad there are some people that look at facts to make up there minds. I realize the 03 Cobras are alot faster then my Mach 1.....why can't some ppl realize that a Mach 1 is faster than there cars?? To much pride I guess....
  14. Relax man..what do you have, some sorta' funky Freudian Cobra-Mach complex or something?
    Everyone agrees that the Mach is faster with equal drivers, but not by much , .5 seconds AT BEST! (13.3 vs 13.7)...that's all, sheeez!

  15. .4 seconds going over 100mph is quite a distance between cars.
  16. There both nice cars and are also very different. I'm not arguing either way. Stock to stock the Mach 1 is quicker and with the better flowing heads and cams plus the 3.55 gears it should be.
  17. You have to take your car to the track not read magazine times..... I have a strong running stock 03 cobra (drop in K&N only) The best I could get my first time out was 13.3 @ 107.5 Can I do better? Of course, the bottom line is you have to be an expert racer to match those magazine times :rolleyes:
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