Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Mach428, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. :lock: <------------------PLEASE
  2. The Mach I is just Ford putting the same parts in a different arrangement.

    I'm just getting tired of putting new parts on the Cobra, and then quickly placing them on a GT or V6 the next year. (ie 01 wheels ----> GT and 01 hood ----> V6) Had to swap out both my wheels and hood once I heard that crap was going on.

    see sig for power.
  3. yeah that pissed my off big time with the 99/01 Cobra hood on the V6s. :mad: I could care less about the rims.
  4. Something is very disburbing to me about that as well. :nonono:
    Why market a car as one of your unique line ups then the following year put the same parts on lower priced models? :shrug:

    Why do you want to lock this thread? :shrug:
  5. It bothers me to a degree about Ford choosing to distribute the hood and wheels to other Mustangs, but that is simply what Ford does. They empty their parts bins when they have surplus. Didn't they put some of the same aluminum trim and gauges from the Bullitt straight into the Mach 1?
    What counts to me is the package. Anybody with enough dough can do a clone of a Cobra or a Mach. How hard is it to get the hood, wheels, chin spoiler, aluminum interior bezels, gauges, stripes, etc. and do a Mach 1 clone? We all know its quite possible, but its still a Mach no matter how much money you dump into a GT just to obtain a "look" and the same can be said of the Cobra.
    Facts are facts and the Mach simply can not boast of a hand-built engine, it can't speak of the imported from Italy, Teksid aluminum block. It doesn't have the lower built numbers of the 01 Cobra nor does it fall under the SVT moniker. Is that important? Maybe...maybe not. The Mach is a fine car in its own right. Its a unique car that closes out one part of the Mustang's history on the fox platform while recalling a legendary name from the past. Its a great platform for the weekend drag strip go'er and probably makes a nice nice daily driver. They both have the qualities that we all love in V8 Mustangs...just with slightly different executions.
  6. I have to say those are some impressive numbers. Are they corrected? I dont see any mods that will make the hp go up.
    Damn, this makes me think about trading in my 97 on a 99-01. If it wasnt for that DAMN IRS it would be a done deal.
    May just sell my car and buy a 99-01. Its either that, or my dream car, a TT supra. Thats quite possilby the only car I wouldnt sell, and Im about the biggest anti-import guy around

  7. Not yet. :D This one has (somehow) managed to remain civilized. But I'm watching it closely... :rlaugh:

    Carry on gang...
  8. It takes quite a bit of bolt-ons to hit 300+ rwhp on an '01.

    I had:

    JBA 1 5/8" ceramic headers
    Magnaflow catted X-pipe
    Magnaflow Cat-back
    Steeda U/D pullies
    C&L Hi-Flow Maf & K&N filter
    WMS ceramic TB to MAF tube
    FordChip custom tuned EEC

    and my ending dyno was like so:


    I'm assuming that he has most - if not all - of the same (type) mods on his car.

    Note that the rwtq of my completely modded '01 4V isn't even close to the '03 4V with just a K&N filter?
    This is (one of the reasons) why the '03 Mach 1's are consistently faster in the 1/4,
    in addition to the better 3.55 gearing and lighter weight due to the solid axle vs IRS.

  9. It should be noted that making more peak torque won't necessarily make a car quicker or faster. It is more important to look at the average HP over the intended rpm range.

    Example...as it sits now, my car only makes 291 lb/ft of torque at the rear wheels, yet with correct gearing, it makes use of the 314 RWHP it has to move it pretty smartly down the 1/4 mile.

    I will agree 100% that the Mach 1 is quicker from the factory, and certainly easier to produce good ETs from the factory.
  10. Ummmm, yeah ......... O.K.
    In an effort to keep my reply semi-civilized, I respectfully disagree.
    The sheet below is from our '01 with the following mods (a grand total of 3):

    1) C&L MAF
    2) Steeda UDP's
    3) an outta 'da box generic DiabloSport chip


    *- It might be worthy of noting that there wasn't diddle done to the factory exhaust setup, either........ that's right- 100% bone stock down to the tips.

    **- The skittish on-again off-again path of the graph was later diagnosed to be a crapped-out EEC-V (replaced under warranty after this particular pull).

    IMO, (FWIW)........ different cars respond, well...............differently.

    Both cars are excellent examples of what Ford can do with a detuned N/A mod motor of less than 300 c.i. I think that they're aimed at two entirely different performance envelopes as well as two different market segments. The Mach is a pristine example of a straight-up, straight-line racer, while the Cobra is more adept at leaving vortexes of hickory leaves spinning in its' wake down a twisty mountain road.............. along with most competition.
    I don't dislike either car and wouldn't choose the same one to win both a quarter-mile blast AND an 11 mile long giddy-up down the Tail of the Dragon, 'coz I think the results would be different for each encounter.

    Each car has its' virtues- the trick is knowing which one you want. ;)
  11. My car dynoed 292 rwhp SAE right out of the box. No air filter or anything. I have tons of dyno runs and the car was just strong out of the box.

    Ive raced 2 Machs in my heavy vert, and both got taken to school. I'm not exactly stock, but enough to make up for the weight difference.

  12. Angus, nice #'s

    one thing to note however, is that even though your Mach 1 makes more peak tq..compare the curve of the tq between the two from 5k-7 rpm.... the moded 01 has an advantage on the #'s

    one thing that is funny is, noone ever said the Mach1 is slower than the 01 in the 1/4, only that it is close enough to come down to a drivers race.
  13. =more ricer talk....drivers race is another dumb "slang" that everyone throws around...lol, drivers race...lol
  14. I hope you do know SVOKING that your Mach 1, although aluminum blocked more like a Maurader, your car DOES have 03 Cobra Heads, Cams, crankshaft, and 10:1 Compression, much higher than the Cobra. A good combination for mid to low 13's times. 01 vs. 03 Mach, yes the Mach is quicker 1/4 time wise. However, as everyone knows, its ALWAYS a drivers race. You could have all the HP in the world, but if you cannot get it to stick, you aint goin nowhere..
  15. Thats my point!! ITS ALWAYS A "DRIVERS RACE".....
    LOL, So why bring it up every time another car is faster than yours??
  16. :rolleyes:

    I like how everyone gets it except for you
  17. FYI....99/01 Cobra compression is 9.8:1 - only slightly lower than a Mach 1 engine.
  18. here is a bad photoshop....

    but its Angus's Dyno sheet.... see what I was talking about from 5-7krpm... peak doesn't do much

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  19. Seriously SVOKING, lets not be like that. People have already stated, including myself, that the Mach 1 is faster stock for stock than a 01. And it very well should be with an extra intake/ shaker scoop and higher compression!

    In regars to the 01's and 99's having 9:8:1 compression, 10:1 it makes a big difference even if only slightly higher. The only other engine I am aware of that has such high compression is the Nissan Altima, Maxima, G35, and 350 Z which I believe have 11:1 Compression. They are all the same engine believe it or not.
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