Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Mach428, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. MACH1 isn't quicker in all situations. It is in the 1/4 mi though.

    Lets try an oval track or longer track. Then the Mach isn't such an obvious winner.

    It also isn't better IMHO. It doesn't have the IRS. I don't believe the IRS is weak. Walsh motorsports has a 99 Cobra coupe running 9's with a stock IRS setup.

    I was suprised myself that the Mach1 runs such good times and has such great stock power. The cool thing is they've made a lot of Mach1's and they come with the engine that was in the 99/01 Cobras! Should make the mod market better for everyone.

    I seen a dyno sheet of a guy at Milan that had a new Mach1 and ran 13.4 (his first time at a track). Not bad considering I ran a best of 13.6 in my 99 Cobra in stock form!

    The mach1 is a sweet fast car but I'll stick w/ my car. No way would I trade in my 99 on one. NO WAY. Now if someone was going to give me a new 03 Mach1 or a used 99 Cobra I'd take the Mach cuz it is worth more $$$!
  2. Here's the famous link that pits the.....

    99 Cobra (slightly modded for handling), Mach 1 (03 early model (pig rich tunes), Mach's since June 03 put some 10-15hp more due to tune), and the Bullitt.

    All 3 came out winners:


    I haven't read most of the threads posts since I don't want to be part of the bickering.
  3. just a random pic...

    I love open track, and wish I had more $$ so I could go to more sessions

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  4. The thread asked: "What is quicker? The mach 1 0r 01 Cobra in the 1/4 mile and 0-60?"

    Answer: Mach 1

    Thanks for playing
  5. Thread topic: Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

    Notice, no 1/4mi in the topic or 0-60. You didn't even say at the strip. How about 1/4mi oval?
  6. I have no problem agreeing with the above statement. If you had stuck to just this, it is likely you wouldn't have gotten all the grief.
  7. There both nice cars. So who cares.
  8. I completely agree! :) Unfortunately though, there is someone who seems to have a chip on their shoulder in here. Hmmmmmm. I'll just leave it at that...
  9. Meh, this guy is an ass. He was an ass to Cobra owners before the Mach 1 was even released. :rolleyes: Has anyone ever seen his Mach 1? Any type of proof? who knows, the internet is full of freaks. He may have the baddest Mach 1 ever produced, or he may have his mom's Corolla. Trolls abound.

    The obvious answer to the thread title is Mach 1; with no other differences besides the cars themselves, the Mach should be quicker.

    There is no correct answer to "better". Better is in the eye of the beholder. My '97 Cobra is better than a Mach 1 for me because it has the bodystyle I prefer, & it cost me less than twenty grand. :shrug: Until the '03 Cobra was released, there was no Mustang I'd rather own (except the '00 R, duh) than mine. Better is subjective.

    I would hope, for the sake of the hobby, that the cars improve over time. The Mach 1 would be a pile of crap if it didn't offer an improvement over earlier Mustangs.
  10. hey SVO, my engines HAND BUILT WITH PRIDE by Campbell and Adams, what about yours?
  11. Wow, interesting thread.

    Beaten to death I know, but the Mach 1 is slightly quicker than a 01 Cobra. That doesn't make it a better car though as I completely agree with what fiveofanatic said....."There is no correct answer to "better". Better is in the eye of the beholder. My '97 Cobra is better than a Mach 1 for me because it has the bodystyle I prefer, & it cost me less than twenty grand."

    If we need proof, I know of 3 Mach 1's that wouldn't mind racing a 01 Cobra. We can get it on video. We just need a 01 Cobra owner to volunteer. :D
  12. The Mach 1 was tested slower in the slalom in the article posted in this thread.
  13. By "quicker" I am assuming straight-line acceleration. I would agree that an IRS Cobra should be able to take a Mach 1 in any speed contest that requires turning the wheel. :)
  14. I turn the wheel all the time. Down at the end of the 1/4 mile, those idiots always make me slow down and turn right. :D
  15. :lol:

    On an unrelated note, Bob, check your PM's!
  16. I know magazine documentation can be inaccurant due to a number of factors and because of that and the fact that we're talking about limited production Mustangs, you don't see a lot of thorough testing. Case in point is Motor Trend. The only testing they ever did on a 2001 Cobra was the comparison between it and the 02 Camaro SS. However, those numbers are flawed by the fact that for whatever reason, it was tested with the wrong tires and this wasn't mentioned in the article. Actually, they were the ZR45 Gatorbacks that come on the GTs, Bullitts, and Mach 1s. So, knowing that the BFGs are a slightly stickier tire, odds are the 01's numbers were probably a tad off than what they should have been, but it still managed to edge out the SS in terms of handling, which was tested at the same time. So by my own theory (which has an admittedly weak basis) the Mach and the 99/01 Cobras are probably close in the handling department with an edge going to the Cobra but this may have more to do with tire quality than suspension components. That said, I'd still bet that the actual steering and suspension response is noticeably better in the Cobra and if nothing else, the Cobra provides a sharper response in steering input as well as giving a better ride in less than ideal circumstances.
    Again magazine articles are always interesting to read and compare but often so many factors distort the true picture. Actually, both Car and Driver and Motor Trend show nearly identical straightline performance between the two in separate testing. C&D's numbers show better numbers for the Cobra than the Mach and the Cobra tested was dynoed at 272rwhp and got 4.8 sec.0-60 and 13.5 @ 105 in the quarter, which was better than the Mach in the larger comparo done last year between it and the 350z and S2000. Granted there are different factors that could and likely did alter these different numbers, but I do think it shows that both cars are more than capable. Reality is that the Mach by all appearances is the dominant Mustang in a straightline, but as stated, throw in some curves and the advantage may be next to nil.
    Which is the better car? Personally, I'd say if owning a newer car with better straightline performance is the desire of the heart, than the Mach 1 is the better car. If owning a SVT Cobra matters and the everyday ride/handling quality is important, than the Cobra is better car. Obviously price no object, the 03/04 Cobra puts both in their respective places offering all the above mentioned attributes in abundance.
  17. Very interesting article. I think the only surprise here is how well the Bullitt did. 13.5 in a quarter is very good indeed.

    To bad they did not get a low mileage stock 01 for the testing. Of course, I don't think I would have offered mine. Still, I don't think that would have change the results of the test to any great degree. The article actually supports my gut reaction of how each car drove, except for the power of the Bullitt. To me, the Bullitt did not feel anywhere close to that strong, but that just goes to show how important the launch is in 0-60 and quarter mile times.

    It's also interesting that the Mach's quarter mile times are better by less than 0.1 second from the 60 foot times. To me, that suggests the engines are very similar in power. Newer Machs may be stronger.
  18. 5.0 Mag did do a comparsion test between the 01 Bullitt and 01 Cobra in the Nov. 01 edition. The Cobra numbers were superior in that test as both were stock. Notice the 0-100mph is shown at nearly a second difference.

    Here are the highlights of the acceleration test:

    0-60 5.28
    0-100 12.7
    1/4 mi 13.66@104.97

    0-60 5.33
    0-100 13.79
    1/4 mi 13.92@101.67

    Here's the braking/handling:

    Slalom 65.25
    100-0 349 ft
    60-0 125 ft.

    Slalom 64.32
    100-0 361 ft
    60-0 119 ft.

    Also, the dyno readouts were:

    278.8 lb.ft @ 4800rpm, 274.2hp @ 5900rpm for the Cobra
    276.2 lb.ft @ 420000rpm, 236.7hp @ 5000rpm for the Bullitt
  19. I can't believe people are arguing this much over the question of which is faster. Anything can happen, there's tolerances and variables in our non-perfect world, people have their own opinions and tastes, and when it comes down to it, they are both two very kick ass Mustangs that we should be proud to have. GM guys and gals don't even have the opportunity for these kinds of arguments anymore.....be happy. :p :p

    Check out that TQ number on the Bullitt...276.2 at 420,000rpms :jaw: :rlaugh:
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