35th Anniv whats so special

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  1. What are the differences between a GT and A 35th Anny GT? i know the name is different and the badges...what about the interior? performance? color options? production numbers? value? Im very curious because i have an opportunity to purchase either a 35th anny or a true blue gt//help me out guys...

  2. I definitely say go for the 35th, but I'm kinda biased. :D

    You can find out all the information you're looking for at this site.
    www.mustang35th.com - This is the official registry for the 35th.

    Here are a few things about this car:
    - no performance features, all cosmetic
    - only came as GT
    - only colors were performance red, black, silver and white
    - raised hood scoop and side scoops (didn't start doing this till 01 on normal GTs)
    - black decal under hood scoop and black panel on the back
    - unique polished GT wheels
    - two tone black and silver leather interior

    Some other stuff I'm probably forgetting too. Check out that site and look at some of the members cars. Good luck.
  3. Also, only 4,628 were made. Of that, 1555 were Performance Red, a color only available that year on the "Limited". White is the rarest color with 515 ever made. These "Limiteds" were basically a test bed for some future features that would become standard items on 01-04's. It was also the first special edition Ford built on the GT platform since the 20th Anniversary GT.
    And besides, I still have people asking me if its a '04 GT. Because the added features(along with the fact I keep mine immaculant) makes the car look fresh. All this on a nearly 5 yr old car.
  4. did the 99 GT have the 35th anny badges on the fenders? i see a lot of them with that badging but no other 35th features
  5. I believe all 99s (V6 & V8) had the fender badge.
  6. thats crappy..it kinda diminishes the value of a true 35th to me then..bleh...i do much prefer the GT fender emblem to the 35th anyway...oh well..ill deal :nice:
  7. i had a 35th performance red, i was told that there were only 750 built, anyway, the factory options were the killer silver and black interior, short throw shifter with billet handle, 373 gears, unique wheels and the body looked like an 01(side scoops,front and rear honeycombs, wing and hood scoop.
    i traded it for a really low mileage 99 cobra and that gt pulled way harder off the line than my cobra...
  8. yes, I too have felt by putting those emblems on all Mustangs in 1999 was a huge mistake. But, as far as dimishing the value...I don't think so. All "Limiteds" retain more value over a standard GT even today. Most will get at least $1500 more.
    Think about it like this, you find a regular 99 GT for sale. You know you want to add the scoops and other features, the "Limited" would be the better bargain because it comes with features more like that of the current model.
    And you won't have to go to the trouble to put all the additions on. Plus a very unique interior and wheels.
    my .02

  9. 4628 total built in four colors.
    1555 in Performance Red

    I bet you are :bang: because you traded.
  10. what i meant was that it doesnt seem as special to me now that i realise every gt in 99 said 35th anny on the fender...meh...and side hood and grills for the scoops are like 200 total with painting...not that great of a bargain..

  11. Then don't buy it, I'm not trying to convince you. I was trying to make you aware of the difference. And yes, in the sea of standard model GT's, a "Limited" is quite rare and distinct.
  12. Anti-I have two 35ths, the interior is leather, 16 and 17 in. wheels. No pro-
    duction numbers for the 35th. Performance is the same. All color options
    for 1999. Both are convertibles. Go for the true blue.

  13. Personally I love my 35th anniversary. It's definitely unique and when you go to car shows you very rarely see another one. I've received many a compliment on my car.

    Oh, and who ever stated that they came with 3.73 gears is wrong. The are 3.27's and don't come with a short throw shifter, just a really cool satin aluminum 8-ball shifter.

    Either way you go, you will love the car.
  14. I have a 35th anniversary black GT vert. Yet it doesn't have most of the special stuff as you guys described. The interior is all black and theres no special shift knob. I'm thinking about buying all of the extra anniversary stuff to make it look right.

  15. Sound to me like you have standard 1999 Mustangs(which all have the simple badge), not the "Limited" with the Special Anniversary Edition option.
  16. You also just have a standard GT. I have always tried to make people aware of the difference from the V-6,GT and the "Limited" GT. Just adding the parts does not make your GT a "Limited". All "Limiteds" have a data plate(behind the drivers side headlight). That has 35TH on it. A regular GT does not
    This site explains the difference.