whats the 2.3 run in the 1/4?

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  1. well, stock, n/a 2.3???? jus wunderin :shrug:
  2. 20's. If you're lucky.

  3. With a swedish bikini team pushing?

    Windows up or down?

    How much beer are we carrying?

    1/4 turn in which direction?


  4. i wouldnt refer to it as "run" in the quarter mile....something more like a brisk walk :
  5. i'd be lucky if i got under a 30
  6. mid to high 18's
  7. Just got a 2004 calender, maybe I'll take a "brisk walk" down a deserted strip and get some test results.

  8. depending on the car, and transmission,

    somewhere between high 18's and FOREVER(20+)
  9. I just talked to a guy tonight what has a 3000 pound fairmont wagon with a n/a 2.3 running 15.5's with a stock head...That's damn sure not normal though.

    19's at best for a stocker...
  10. I pulled a 19.816 @70.26 mph with my convertible automatic 93 with the homemade intake (2hp). dam that thing is slow.
  11. im thinking with my shot of nitrous i could pull 12's easy......lol in the 1/8TH ! Long live N/a! :flag:
  12. No.

  13. i have a 2.8 ARCAheaded engine in the garage i may just take off the Turbo and try it to see..lol..i know some of those are a lil over 300 HP...this one has less compression so id rather use the Turbo....No N/A unless all turbos dissapear
  14. my first stock run was 19.08 with 92 coupe auto
  15. Why must people resurrect old threads...:nonono:
  16. its fun.....and the people less fortunate that dont have turbo's like it....or at least i like it
  17. times....

    My old automatic transmission 1/4mile times...

    first thing in the morning -- 35seconds (if that)
    any other time -- 23seconds

    now with the 5 speed in it, im not too sure :p
  18. think with a 5sp you could break into the 18's?
  19. Not stock you can't...