What's the best choice for upper/lower control arms?

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  1. Lets do it!!!!
  2. What is a TA? My brain isn't working, thought I might ask.
  3. Torque Arm. The ultimate solid axle setup. It elimantes the upper control arms all together...

  4. hmmm thats how me rear looks...
  5. Gotcha....I know what that is...lol...just didn't get the abbreviation...I'm thinking of all the Vodka that we are consuming tonight. lol.

    That is a badass set up.
  6. not my picture but thanks :D
  7. Yeah, it's EPIK's, sorry..EPIK. lol
  8. LOL... Not mine either, I stole that from google. I still don't have my tq arm installed yet.
  9. Oops....oh well. lol...I thought for sure that was your notch. I know you have put some nice coin into that car...:nice:

  10. Thanks.... I wish, but the notch still has a crappy stock suspension besides Bilsteins & Sportlines....

    I do have these ready for install as soon as get the tq boxes reinforced....Thanks to Chris 1991NotchbackLX for the great deal a few months back....

    Steeda Boxed UCA's....

    MM Extreme Duty adjustable LCA's....
  11. pretty :nice:
  12. Those are nice LCA's. I really really wanted to spring for those, but just went cheap. I think it will be so cool to adjust the cars suspension with the flick on an impact.

    The uppers are cool in zinc. They will never corrode and oxidize. AT least, mine didn't after 8 years. I should weld a peice of steel in my stock uppers to strengthen them up a little. 1/8" will do.
  13. Those sure look familiar! :D Glad I could help out, Dustin!
  14. That's great that we can pretty much all trust one another to pay pal money around and ship parts. That's why I like a lot of the members on this site.

    And Chris....if you need anything else for "something" you let me know. I have some stuff you might need.
  15. Thanks Matt! I'm sure I'll be in touch with you for some stuff very soon! :D
  16. The easy adjustability is the best part. I have ran them on my old 97 & my mach 1 before I went with coilovers. I have adjusted them in 5 minutes on the side of the hwy with a 1/2' ratchet with the car on the ground... Its that easy....:flag:

    Thanks again Chris.... BTW, keep that car man:nice:
  17. anybody use lift bars?

    the quads help wheel hop? mine hops like a rabbit, and is quick like a bunny!
  18. my car fell in the same percentile, took the quads off and had wheel hop. for what it's worth I also replaced the diff bushings also, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
  19. Ok now I'm stuck here.

    Spend some cash and get the quality ones (MM/Ford Racing) or save some cash and get the LRS ones like SVT32VDOHC says...

    This really will be mostly a street application. If I never plan on taking my car to the track, should I still go with MM? Or go with the $149 set and maybe afford some Eibach pro-kit springs too :D

    But also... the cheaper ones will damage my torque box? Even in street use? Again this is a daily driver.
  20. Alright all this about my car is really stressing me out lol...time to chill out and just enjoy the rest of the day and New Years and stuff. I'm not even gonna read these forums for the rest of the day hahaha...HAPPY NEW YEAR!