What's the best choice for upper/lower control arms?

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  1. My UCAs are Ford Racing. I'm not sure if they come with axle bushings. Yeah I suppose it would probably be a good idea then to have those replaced as well.
  2. the mm ones these days dont come with the axle bushings, you buy them separate. so in other words if you were to do your uppers from mm you would need the 130 dollar set of arms, ( comes with one side bushing) then the axle bushings, then the tool.

    i know someone that knows how to do the upper bushings so im just gonna get the moog upper bushing kit. 2 of them for both arms is about 80 bucks.
  3. Dont waste your money on the tool, just use a drill on the rubber and once that is out cut a slit in the metal casing, then spray it with PB and it will come out. Myne took about 30 minuts with this method
  4. lol!!!

    I just called Llovio Ford in South Gate to see if they have the brand new bolts for control arms. He found them for the lowers, and then said that my car doesn't have upper control arms...? That these cars never had them
    from the factory. Am I missing something here lol? I kind of chuckled a little
    bit. So anyway, I'm assuming the bolts for the lowers are the same as those for the uppers? Correct me if I'm
  5. lots of stupid parts guys out there! they'll argue with you about your own car, haha. I just say ok, no point trying to do anything else
  6. Don't buy the bolts and nuts from 50resto. I almost ordered them for my build and for four bolts and nuts it was like 52 bucks plus 14.95 shipping. I went to my bolt supplier and got 4 hardened bolts, nuts and washers for 5.80 out the door. They are 10.9 hardened bolts. 12mm metric thread.
  7. Did you specify rear control arms for the new bolts??? The parts guy may have been thinking front...
  8. Yep I did, but you're probably right.
  9. yea thats pretty much the way ive done them... they sent me a tool for the IRS bushings for a cobra before i tried it, broke it and got out my drill...