What's the best dual catback system?

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  1. I have 2007 V6 and am planning on installing a dual catback exhaust system. The biggest problem I'm having is actually choosing one as there seems to be quite a few options out there. So far I'm looking at the Magnaflow and FRPP catbacks.

    Has anyone got any insight as to the best options to go dual exhaust? Certainly I realize this is somewhat of a personal preference but I'd be interested in hearing any opinions or other options I may not be aware of. I really like the idea of the Magnaflow as I'm assuming it'll be less restriced but at the same time I'm wondering if it will take away from the throatiness of the sound. It's very difficult to tell based on some of the sound clips I've heard so far. Of course I'm also taking power gains into consideration.
  2. True duals are MUCH louder than ones with "Y" pipes.

    I have True Duals on my car with Street Pro mufflers (baffled design).

    My buddy has a "Y" pipe setup with Violator mufflers (straight-thru design).

    Mine is twice as loud as his (but he has very little drone).

    Keep that in mind as you parts shop.

    GT mufflers are the most quiet (and mixing with a "Y" pipe setup would probably be a waste of $$).

    All duals offer about the same "gains"... lots of threads on this...

    I saw +2 MPG and quicker throttle response.

    Loud as Hell and Loving It...

    YouTube - 4.0 Mustang with Pypes Exhaust Getting on Highway in the Rain

    Interior noise level 87dB at 85MPH.

  3. Thanks for the info. that sounds pretty sweet. I think I've decided to get a custom true dual exhaust put in with Flowmaster mufflers. I'm also thinking of installing a mass air flow sensor and purchasing a tuner. I've done a bit of research and I really like the sound of the flowmaster. I basically ruled out anything with a Y pipe after doing some reading on the options available.
  4. Are the Flowmasters stainless?

    I don't remember.

    Unless you are getting a really good deal on the "custom" duals, not sure why you'd go that route over a computer-bent set from Pypes or someone else?

    The fit would be better than if it was done by "eyeballing" while it was on a lift...
  5. Well that was my intial thought. But I'm in Canada and the price of these products are considerably more expensive. The mufflers alone cost about a 100 bucks more each than if I were to buy them in the States. Unfortunatly with the exchange and the duty I'd have to pay it's not really worth having them shipped to my house from a US supplier. So I figured I'd have a local performance shop who sponsors my buddy's race team do the "custom" work for me instead at a better price.

    The Flowmasters are not stainless, but the pipes I'm having put in will be.
  6. Go stainless dude :)
  7. I have the frpp kit from ford and i think its great find a dealer by you and get one from there.
  8. I was originally going to go with a custom true duel exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. In the end I decided to go with the true duals from Pypes and the Flowmasters for the mufflers. I'm having the work done towards the end of this week.