What's the best intake for Nitrous?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hamonkeiser, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. I'm building a new motor this winter & putting together the parts list. I'm trying to decide what intake will work best with a Nitrous set up (125 -150 shot) The choices are:

    1. Trickflow Street Heat
    2. Trickflow Track Heat
    3. Typhoon
    4. Cobra

    It'll be a Street/Strip car. It's not a heavily modded motor. I only have the money right now for the rebuild, nitrous, intake, & maybe a cam. Heads will have to wait. Also, since I'm rebuilding the motor & adding nitrous, should I bump the compression & how much :shrug:
  2. if its not gonna be a bad ass NA car tehn i say cobra without a doubt...also has the looks advantage over the others...especially if u polish it...too bad i just sold mine today
  3. i 2nd that. If its not going to be a monster then cobra is easily the best. Quality intake with an even better price.
    However if the horsepower bug bits ya, ( which im sure it will ) then the HOlley systemax II gets my vote. Its just plain awesome.
  4. forgot. GT40 intake is also a good one for the setup your loking for. It falls in the same category as the cobra. Same price i think but doens't quit have the looks imo.