What's the Best N/A Cam?

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  1. Have looked at about all camshafts made for the 2v 4.6 mod. An none really stick out from the others? Was seein if some of you might have a choice on which one is better? Something not wild but a daily driver?
  2. stage 2 hitechs
  3. For a non wild best for daily driver that wants to most power, i'd agree.
    If you want to step down to more of a stage 1 others could be suggested.
  4. Cool:cool: thats what lot of people say the HiTech's. Just seen Lunati came out with a Voodoo cam for mods.? Didn't really look any more aggresive than CompCams?
  5. ya haven't heard to much about the lunati, but i have even talked to the guys at hitech and would love to get some for mine. from dyno sheets and video's of hitech'd stangs its what i would go with, they have a good rpm range.
    This is the guy behind the VT grinds.In the last while he has been doing them under his own new company/name.
    I have the VT stage II n/a cams,and love em,been in my GT for the last 3 years without issues.The only thing is,valve springs are needed.....aswell as a tune,but all aftermarket cams need,and should have a tune to them.;)
  7. I would go with HiTechs or Modular Headshop's cams.
  8. Id go with stage 2 Hi techs, one of the best things with these is u dont have to change the valve springs like other cams!
  9. Nick @ Modular Head Shop( MHS ) has done a lot of research lately and a lot of different cams. He has found some very scary info regarding many of the aftermarket cams. Any cam with more than 230 intake duration installed at 110 intake centerline in PI Heads will have PTV contact. These cams need to be installed at 114. When installed at 114, they make less power than the smaller available aftermarket cams.

    Popular Cams that are known with PTV contact are:

    Comp 270
    CMS/VT Stage 2 N/A
    HiTech Stage 2 N/A

    Personally, I would talk to Nick at MHS and find a cam from him that will work for you.
  10. +1 I love my Hi tech stage IIs.
  11. not to hi-jack this thread or anything, but could you get a stage 2 cam like comp xtreme energy stage 2 cam, and not get the recommended things like gears and valve springs? they don't say required like stage 3 but just recommended.
  12. For everyone else, he's talking about Intake Lobe Center line and not the LSA you see advertised often. A lot of companies dont even release thier ILC.
    Could you go into this more, TGJ? Even if in pm. I find this intriguing. I've seen VT stg 2's timed correctly w/out problems, and 270's degreed correctly without problems - but still wanna get all the info I can if there's something I'm missing.
    Just as a critique:
    Installing a 230 duration cam at 110 means the intake valve will close at the latest 45 degrees; and opens at 5 degrees (shouldn't be interfering on opening range, right?). You said you'll consequently need to install at 114. This doesn't make sense, 114 would cause the seat timing to be 1 and 49 degrees open/close which means the intake actually seats later causing interference to be more likely not less, right? With the theory that 45 degree seating is the limit against interference, that means at a 114 ILC you'd need to be as low as 222 intake to meet that limit while VT stg 2.5 blower cams have intake at a huge 228 (48 degrees seating) and I've never seen or heard of VT blower cams PTV'ing.
  13. I would also like to know more about this, for future reference
  14. This might help....

    ModularHeadShop 2V Cams FAQ
  15. It just doesn't make sense to me, maybe i'm missing something? It appears to be talking about LSA in relation to duration and ICL for exhuast valves, not just ICL - but he only mentions ICL. A higher ILC means the valve opens later and seats later, so how would a higher ICL be safer?

    But i think I might have gotten what's he's saying if he's referring to the opening end of the valve - thus having peak cam lift earlier and kissing the piston on the piston's way down?

    You have a 230/235 110LSA cam
    at 110 ICL you have the intake opening at 5* before top dead center and closing at 45 degrees after bottom dead center. (So 45 degrees of crank rotation during the the upward movement of the piston and 5 degrees in which the valve is beginning to open before the piston is TDC). You change this to 106 and the intake begins opening at 9 degrees before top dead center (and seats 41 after BDC). So what he must mean is low ILC's make the valve open too early and thus PTV on the piston way down from TDC during intake stroke. This is hard for me to imagine, but would explain A LOT.
    The limiting factor would then be (@ 230/110LSA/114ILC) 1 degree before TDC and anything higher would be PTV.

    VT stage 2.5 blower cams have the intake opening 1 degree before TDC with a duration of 228 ILC of 114/LSA114
    My custom VT blower cams for my PD blower are 222/114LSA/110ILC and 1 degree BTDC

    But, then again my VT stage 1's are 225/109.5LSA/110.5ILC wich makes it 2* BTDC and no one PTV's on these, but that's just one degree difference.
  16. Another for the HiTechs.
  17. Granted cam timing can be confusing as all hell. Once you start looking at it becomes easier to figure out.

    Retarding the cam moves the intake valve opening event closer to TDC. Which gives less of a chance of the valve kissing the piston. Piston is closer to TDC and then heading back down as valve is opening. If your intake is advanced like me trying to get my cams installed at 110. Now they are opening the intake valve earlier as piston is coming up. Which in a mod motor there just isn't enough clearance with stock valves and pistons for the valve to open that early without some contact with piston. Especially with the higher duration alot of cams use.

    Hitech stg 2(my set Comp ground one at 110 left cam and other at 112 right cam leaving me to figure out where to install)
    234 dur @ .050 Intake
    At 110 ICL opening is 7* BTDC, closes at 47* ABDC - PTV at this install point
    At 112 ICL opening is 5* BTDC, closes at 49* ABDC - No PTV but too close for comfort
    At 113 ICL opening is 4* BTDC, closes at 50* ABDC - No PTV and been safe enough for my liking and making good power still.

    Again this is with my particuler engine.
  18. Right, has to do with the opening time being too early BTDC. I was thinking it was hitting it on the way down tho, a few degrees is not enough travel to kiss the piston at TDC. As suggested by modularheadshop it's likely while the piston is on the way down 5-10 degrees after TDC.
    But, like in your cams, if you have some serious overlap the scheduled is going to extend and likely be high like your 7 degrees BTDC - in which case I guess it could be hitting on the way up.
  19. Nick has some interesting threads at Modular Depot, Modular Fords, Modular Revolution and TCCOA regarding this as well to his FAQ which doesn't go into great detail.
  20. Crower Stage 4s.