whats the best sounding exhaust for 2005 v6 mustang

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what shoud I do with my 1000 dollars (2005 v6 mustang)

  1. duel exaust with flowmaster muffler

  2. some thing else

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  1. I was woundering what exhast would go good on a 2005 v6 mustang. I was thinking of going with a similar dual exaust as th GT, but with some sort of flowmaster mufflers. I'm not sure if any one has a better idea or input on what series of flowmaster to go with let me know.

    I have about 1000 to spend let me know if you think of some thing better to do with it like a cam, a chip or some other mod to get me big horspower insted.
  2. 40 series mufflers...

    I paid 375 for my entire set up, dual exhaust + glasspacks + work and pipes.

    Theres an SCT Group buy goin on over on TMS for like 350 I think..

    Could also pick up a T-lok or a CAI for the extra cash in there.
  3. that what I was thinking but a friend said they would be to loud and raw for a v6 and would sound bad?
  4. Borla stingers hands down
    but a bit pricey
  5. Agreed. well worth the money.