What's the best supercharger setup for 2006 GT?

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  1. Thinking of adding a supercharger in the future, what do you guys (and gals) think is the best "bang for the buck"?
  2. what are you looking for? street use and low end power? if so, so with a twin screw/roots type supercharger such as saleen, whipple, K.B., etc. there will be more usable power for the street.

    if you are going to start racing and want upper RPM power, then go with a centri style, like procharger, paxton, vortech etc.
  3. Supercharger

    Street & low end power, not planning to race.
  4. then whipple.KB or saleen is your answer
  5. procharger is awesome all the way around
  6. Supercharger

    After looking at the KB roots type blower, and seeing the kit would be $5000, I think I'll forego that little toy, unless I win the lottery or something.
  7. one of the cheaper blowers are the paxton or the vortech. about $3500 will get you going.
  8. 06 Procharged Mustang GT Dyno Results!


    We just finished up our 06 Mustang GT Project this morning. Here's a rundown of the setup.

    Kooks 1 5/8 Longtube Headers with Catted X-Pipe
    Borla Cat-Back Exhaust
    SPEC Stage 3 Clutch
    3:73 Rear-Gear
    P-1SC Procharger @ 9.5 PSI
    Below is the dyno

    This tune is super conservative. We can easily reach 500RWHP without increasing the boost but we don't want to push this stock short-block too far. Eventually the customer wants to do a low-compression stroker motor, upgrade to the D-1SC blower and turn the boost up!
  9. Are those the only mods? How're the stock injectors doing and how well is the engine holding up? I'm looking to run the Saleen at 7-9 PSI but have no idea where to start.

    PS: And also looking to keep her running good for a while..meaning no break downs, no blown engine etc etc
  10. go the route of the kenne bell big bore 2.6l

  11. Start by calling Jim jr at JDM engineering.They have stage 2 kits running 8psi 450rwhp.100's of kits sold 0 engine failures.

    I've been running the kit for months in 110 degree heat no problems.:nice:
  12. Nah those are the injectors procharger sent us but I cant remeber how big they were............ most people forget when adding power that their fuel system really cant keep up so I would look into imporving your fuel system as well
  13. I'm running the 3.4" 10psi myself with the GT500 fuel pump upgrade JDM is the bomb.
  14. This is a loaded question.

    Pick a company that has the best support, cheap price should not be your main plan.

    Also remember the blower is totally worthless with a bad tune.

    I am leaning toward Ford/Whipple for one reason only, Ford does the tune and not billy bob down the road.......

    So hate to say it, the decision is all on you............
  15. I have researched this to death. They all make good products, depends on what you are looking for. I personally went with KB, Just my .02 Good luck in your decision.
  17. Saleen's.

    Very solid, street stable, safe yet powerful tune, warranties the entire motor for 3yrs.

    Not many others offer that piece of mind.
  18. royb wat a/f are you talkin about if your referring to the bottom graph that is the boost.........
  19. I have been telling people for over a year now procharger is the best deal for the most hp... but no one listens to me =-(
  20. Saleen offers a warrenty? I thought roush was the only one who had a warrenty.