What's the best supercharger setup for 2006 GT?

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  1. is that the procharger with the intercooler? if so can you take a pic of how it sits
  2. Yes they do. You may need to call them to find out who can do the install. I know they do them at their HQ in Irvine and it retains the warranty on the car.
  3. +1 for KB
  4. Has anyone had any issues with the Vortech S-Trim supercharger? Or good luck for that matter?
  5. Chevykiller couldn't keep a tensioner on it to save his life at high HP. He's now going turbo
  6. The only thing I dont like about the vortech is you have to tap your oil pan... so if you blow somthin up..... and it goes into you oil pan its going to go to ure supercharger....... no bueno
  7. thats another reason why i like the procharger (in centri group)
  8. I installed my SC in 9-10 hours with pleanty of taking pics and drinking beer and eating and touching my parts over and over :D

  9. Ha ha, you said "touching my parts over and over" :rlaugh:

    I'm looking at a Paxton 2200 combo from Brenspeed.

  10. SC

    I'm no expert on superchargers, but I do know the line you put into the oil pan is the supercharger oil RETURN. The charger is lubed with filtered engine oil and it is returned to the oil pan, so nothing like debris is going to go to the charger.
  11. A motor in lostsouls car would work wonders too!!

    Sorry Ted.
  12. So far my whipple is doing great. 10psi HO kit! IT may seem expensive but you get a lot of good stuff with the kit.
  13. My favorite street system is the Whipple and I have a Procharger. The Procharger is hands down the best system for the money. The bottom end power is great (not like a twin screw), but 1st gear is already absolutely useless at WOT. Can't shift into second hard either, just spins with street tires. The Procharger will pull extremely hard to red line which the twin screw does not. So, it's give or take with these systems. If you want to pull hard out of a curve at low rpm's, the twin screw is your ticket, but traction is a problem out of the hole with street rubber and not as bad with a centrifugal.
  14. well said! :nice:
  15. Anthony,

    Can you post one of your dynosheets? I'm curious to see how different the Procharger torque curve is compared to a Saleen or Kennebell twinscrew.

    I must admit 490rwhp on a Mustang dyno is awesome for 11 psi.
  16. I think my whipple pulls pretty hard all the way to red line.
  17. true that the vortech is fed from the oil tee up top but what can one control when a motor blows up...... i just wouldnt take the chance and just go with Pro-chargers self contained Unit :nice:

    Ive already posted a procharger link with great numbers by the way.....:D
  18. The Procharger being self contained is an asset. It runs more than 20 degrees cooler and has a dipstick to keep an eye on the level. It uses a zero weight synthetic oil and I've never had to add a drop. The other centrifugals which use the engine's oil run MUCH hotter and have had many examples of clogged oil fittings which has caused seized bearings. I know that's not likely to happen to most users, but it has happened. I wouldn't knock Vortech because they make a quality system. I'm just convinced the ATI system is better.

    Nola, you just need to feel the centrifugal's high rev pull. There is a difference, but your low end power is equally impressive. Like I said "Whipple is my favorite system".

    Hey thump-rrr, I'll post a dyno sheet tonight after my son gets home. I have no clue how to do it.