Whats the best wax for a black car??

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  1. Exaclty what it says In your opinion what is the best wax for a black car and why???
  2. ZAINO!!!!!
    My BLACK COBRA loves the stuff
    I use the Z-5 which fills in all the swirls, Then you can just dust it off with

  3. meguires gold class :banana:
  4. Meguire's NXT

    That stuff is like love in a bottle for your car
  5. Turtle wax Ultimate SHine.....i tried meguiars NXT and Zymol...both are good. But Turtle wax(their newest one) makes them look not as "deep" in shine. I use the paste...
  6. Another vote for Zaino here.


    The results are awesome...my reflection in the finish is so clear I could literally shave my face.'

    The Zaino intructions are by far the most thorough I've ever seen. My thought was that anyone who would go to such lengths to provide such indepth direction probably makes a pretty good product. :nice:
  7. try the new NANO WAX, from Meg.
  8. Nothing beats ZAINO
  9. Black is a hard finish to get looking nice. I suggest an orbital buffer with a foam bonnet and either microfiber towels or polishing cloths that are NOT made out of terry-cloth or wool. They will only scratch the finish.

    If you haven't ever claybared the finish of your car, by all means, do so. This will strip any old wax your surface may have on it along with any road debris, tar, or other things that ordinary washing will not remove.

    Zaino is a polish, bearing in mind it will give you a dazzling finish though. If you use Zaino, top it off with some "PURE" Carnuba wax. Don't get something with detergents or cleaners in it as that kind of wax will only strip the polish.

    Personally, I think the Mothers 3 step system works nice. Meguiars also makes a 3 step system, but you'de be better off with their professional series polishes than their dilluted versions you buy off the shelf of some place like autozone.

    If you have an orbital buffer, you can try Meguiars number 9 scratch and swirl remover, Meguiars number 3 polish, and then top it with either number 20 or 26 for protection.
  10. P21S wax. Goes on easy and comes off easy. Leaves a beautiful and deep shine.
  11. Zaino by far. I have a silver car, and it is a mirror....

    All Hail The Mighty Zaino

  12. I used to be a Zaino freak until I tried this stuff!!! This stuff gives a better shine, and keeps the car cleaner. Anyone who wants to buy my zaino...drop me a line..I don't need it anymore!

  13. Finally....people u just gotta try it to believe it! Its A LOT cheaper than Zaino too!
  14. does anyone know of a professional place, (not joe-blows website) that outlines really the best way to strip down your old way, polish and wax it etc? Because I know that if I want professional results I need to start with professional opinion. Thanks
  15. Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax. The Zaino was garbage, just covered up the swirls and costs waaaay too much money. I can get the same results from the Tech Wax for 1/4 the money, not to mention I can get it anywhere and not get an attitude from Sal Zaino when I order it.
  16. OK guys, this is coming from someone who's used Zaino on my black cobra before. Zaino is nothing special. It's great for durability, but TERRIBLE for shine/wetness/depth. I put Zaino on my car the day after I bought it and I hated the way it looked.

    First of all, Zaino doesn't do much to cleanse and polish your paint. They like to call it a polish, but it really is more of a sealant.

    My recommendation is to go with a good polish followed by a good topper. Zaino by itself will not do the trick. Personally, I use Poorboy's SSR 2.5/1 to take care of my swirl marks, follow it up with some Clearkote Vanilla Moose, and finish it off with Clearkote Carnauba Moose Wax. You can subsitute the Moose Wax with another topper (such as P21S, Souveran, etc. etc.). Best of all, this stuff is cheaper than Zaino.

    I'll let these pics do the talking. Zaino never made my car look like this.



  17. I just use turtle wax and it works fine, it's not the usually the wax's fault, its usually the person thats waxing's fault. If you were ever in the military, try using some of the boot shining techniques on your car, works for me everytime. Note: If you know somebody in the military, tell them to show you how to do it ;)

  18. I dont know anyone in the military....:shrug: so why dont u share it with me? :rolleyes:
  19. I'm really not sure why people jock Zaino so hard. Yes, I own it. Yes, I've used it. Yes, it is good. No, it is not in a league of its own. Zaino gives a different shine, a hard industrial look. I'm not really a fan of that look. I am a fan, however, of its durability. During the winter I have Zaino on my car because it lasts longer than Meguiars. But when I have consistently nice weather I use Meguiars Professional Series. It is a much softer and deeper shine.

    First two are Meguiars (I don't even want to list what products unless someone asks)


    Now two for Zaino:


    I personally see a huge difference in depth.