Whats the best wax for a black car??

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  1. Yea Zaino is known to give that shiny almost plastic look...some like it some hate it. I would like it if it was CHEAPER!

    What meguiars products are those?(u knew someone was gonna ask!)
  2. It was a very long process. I use a Porter Cable to apply.

    Dawn wash
    hour break for curing
    hour break
    hour break
    hour break

    I probably could have gotten by with just doing one or two of the toppings. I noticed that if I didn't let it cure long enough, that it wouldn't blend well with the previous topping. But at the end it was awesome, took me two days to do since I don't have a garge I can work on it at night in.
  3. WOW :jaw: Thats alot! How much do all those different things cost? Is a porter cable just a orbital buffer or something? How much do one of those cost and where do u buy it from?

  4. I forgot to put #7 before the #81 also.

    I've spent so much money on car care products now I don't even keep track. You can find them at www.meguiars.com either by ordering from them or you can do a search to see who in your area carries them. Truthfully, you can get a very nice shine by simply going:

    #7 or #81

    I like to experiment, so that is why I had so many different products.

    The Porter Cable is a dual action polisher and at the risk of sounding cliche, the best car care investmnet I've ever made. I seriously hate working on my car by hand, I hate it with a passion. Bob (rjstaff on this forum) showed me the light of the PC and I have used it ever since. It has paid for itself a million times over.

  5. Michael,

    Been dabbling with some new products and thought I would share. Here are a couple of pics of my GT done with Klasse AIO topped with Klasse SG. Klasse SG (Sealer Glaze) is an acrylic formula and very durable. The pictures below are of the car after 1 month, I have had it on for 2 months now and it is still going strong.


  6. Bob,

    Your car is looking damn good as usual. Your car was my first inspriation for detailing. Klasse seems like it is pretty good stuff, I've considered it in the past. Did you do any surface prep or is Klasse a filler?
  7. I would still do some serious surface prep even with Klasse. It isn't going to hide anything. I did the usual #83 by PC for the problem areas, #82 by PC for the rest of the car and then went over it with Klasse AIO by hand and finally two layers of Klasse SG by hand, 24 hours apart. So far I am very impressed with it. It has stood up to some serious abuse these past two months. I know it has prevented several scratches that never made it through the two layers of SG. :nice:
  8. Indeed you are right I used the nano wax and it made the stang look awesome. I suggest everyone trying it :D