What's the best way to make the Stang shine?

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  1. I have a 2012 Race Red GT, and I want to make it shine as much as I can. What more can I do? It's already been washed, polished, and waxed by hand. I want to know what I can do at home to get it looking as best as possible.

    Dual action polisher? Buffer?

    Any ideas or experience is much appreciated. I don't have experience wet sanding, and the idea of trying that myself makes me nervous.
  2. Ok, Im going to help you out. Check out this link:

    Watch the video at the bottom of the page, then flip through their site and watch more. I have spent about a grand at this place, which I dont mind because Im taking care of 4 cars. You dont have to buy their stuff, but it's great. If you have no experience, I would recommend the Porter cable (first video). You should not have to be wet sanding. If you have only fine micro knicks, you can start with the white (fine polish). The green is for REALLY Severe swirls, and the orange is for moderate. You can always start with the orange and back up to the green if it doesnt work. Looks like you have a red car. That shows the scratches more.

    I ALWAYS use the fine polish before waxing the car (after clay barring). That brings out the "depth" of shine better and just really makes the paint pop out. Once the car is finished and you have it the way you want, you need to learn how to wash the car the RIGHT way. Then, whenever you wax, you can just use the fine polish each time and never have to go back to the orange or green. Please reread what I just wrote, watch the videos, then come back and read this again and it will make more sense. I am 48 years old, and until I discovered this stuff when I got my 11 stang, I realized I was washing and waxing completely incorrectly. Now, Im a "freak" about it.

    Good Luck
  3. Thanks for the heads up. That looks like a great package.
  4. A find that a scantily-clad attractive female does the trick.
  5. The two bucket wash is a must to prevent scratches during wash. Adams is a great company. I use spray wax too much. Need more
    time to bar then polish & final wax.
  6. gotta get me some adams goodies
  7. Just picked up an Adams kit with Porter Cable polisher. I hope to try it out in the next week or two. Mustang is still undergoing some engine upgrades, so no better time to buff it than when I can't drive it anyway.
  8. What engine mods are you doing? I am doing a stock 1/8 mile run to get a baseline before I start adding anything. Would like to get to the 1/4 as well since 1/8 is barely enough time to get out of 2nd gear.
  9. Paxton supercharger, Boss intake, ID1000 injectors, smaller pulley, cold air intake, colder plugs. Looking for 600+ at the wheels when we're all said and done.