What's the deal with wheels?

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  1. Based on the information I have read so far, am I correct to assume there will only be two types of wheels available when the Mustang hits showroom floors late this summer. I know the V6 gets the old school looking 16 inchers, and the GT comes with the 17inch dual beam five spokes (which look pretty ugly IMO). And I keep hearing that those beautiful 18inchers (which I think are some of the coolest wheels a mustang or even a ford, has ever worn) won't even be available until later. My question is this, if Ford can offer 7 different types/variations of wheels on the non-SVT mustangs (http://www.fordvehicles.com/Cars/mustang/features/)
    and 2 for the SVT (regular and 10th anniversary) why aren't we getting more options as far as wheels on this new mustang? How great would a 17 or 18 inch Bullitt wheel look?
  2. The worst part of the 17 inch wheels (at least on the car at the autoshow) is the 55 profile tires.

    I hope this will not carry over to the production vehicles. Looking at the current wheels (especially the Bullitts) with the 45 profile I don't see how they could get away with putting a 55 on there.

    I definitely agree that Ford needs to offer some other wheel choices. We need those Bullitts.
  3. I don't like the 55 profile tire either. The 235/55R17 only has a tread width of 9.25 inches. This is less than the current GT tire size of 245/45R17 which has a tread width of 9.65 inches.

    A 255/50R17 tire would give us a tread width of 10.04 inches, the same as the 255/45R18.