Whats the difference in Cobra front calipers?

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  1. Are all 94-04 "COBRA" front calipers and caliper brackets virtually the same? Thanks!
  2. Caliper brackets and pads the same. Actual caliper is different.

    94-98 use 38mm pistons, while 99-04 use 40.5mm pistons.

  3. nifty... always thought they were the same
  4. Nope, physically they look a little different as well.

    Red caliper is a 1998 cobra caliper, black caliper is a 2003 Mach 1 caliper (same as cobra/bullitt) which is on my fox.

    Master cylinder selection can vary depending on which you use

  5. But both would bolt right up to lets say a 2000 GT with 13" rotors with no problem?
  6. Yes, with an asterisk.

    There are two banjo bolts, coarse and fine. I beleive 94-98 are fine, and 99-04 are coarse. But i could be wrong.

    The are interchangabe, however the 99-04 calipers would be more suitable for a 99-04 GT because the master cylinder on the GT and Cobra those years is the same size (1 1/16"). The smaller 94-98 might give a slightly firmer pedal, but more than likely it won't be noticable due to the tremendous amount of assist hydroboost gives
  7. Good info dude! Im almost done with my brake upgrade. I got 13" rotors cross drilled and slotted upfront and same in rear but 11.65". Rears are completely done, Im just trying to decided on what caliper to run upfront. I can get plain no "Cobra" emblem 03 cobra caliper from autozone, fully loaded for 80 bux a piece, Bullitt loaded calipers for 249 for the pair, or actual 03 cobra calipers for 479. I think im gonna go with the plain ones from Autozone! Why not, there still 03 Cobra calipers and come with a lifetime warranty.
  8. Those would just be 03/04 Mach 1 calipers :)
  9. yep!
  10. wait.. So your telling me I can get "cobra" calipers from like an autozone? I'm running PBR's in the front and have been wanting to swap to cobra calipers. Just a bigger rotor and caliper is all i think i'll need, but damn i didn't know this!!!!!!!
  11. Cause if thats the case, I just got my tax return, i'm going to Autozone tonight! LOL!
  12. I had a helluva hard time with those banjo bolts. Those are very very hard to find in parts stores.
  13. MM can supply the banjo bolts if you need them.
  14. True they may only be 80 dollars but make sure there ain't a core charge on top of the 80 dollars
  15. When I looked there was, and it was pretty steep. It was only a couple more bucks to get the new loaded calipers from buyfordracing. I got them and the braided lines for my car (lines came with the needed banjos also).
  16. I would just dump my PBR calipers in the box and return those as core. Sales people at those autostores don't know the difference. "generally"
  17. Nope, but the company who processes the cores does. Sometimes if there is an issue, they deny payment to the parts store...which has happened. I've never seen it go further down the chain than that.