What's The Fastest Yall've Been In/on A Vehicle?

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  1. I think for me it's bout 140 on the open road and I chicken out. That was in my youngers too, taking er pretty lately. Family man...
  2. 130 on my 01 camaro z28 M6 , 190 on my friend supra, he could go 200+, but i was about to pee myself :(, I dont want drive with him any more after that.
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  3. 810 mph over the ground in a CRJ200.

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  4. 155 in my 95 Cobra, 178 on my 04 Kawasaki ZX10R with a passenger.
  5. 135 in '73 Corvette Stingray
  6. 160 in my GTO
  7. 162 in a c5 vette in vegas.

    i have had the needle buried in my coupe as well.
  8. 125 in a automobile, 660 in an aircraft.
  9. 173 indicated on my GSXR.
  10. 155 in a car, 176 on the back of a bike.
  11. Too scary! If I owned my fox at 18, I'd be dead. That being said, I've tickled 130 in my work vehicle, and it was all legal.

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  12. In my '90 lx, hit cruise control button at 120 and held it for 1 or 2 min with a buddy on our way to PCB Florida, also did 100 exactly on top of the big curved bridge that's on the way and near to Biloxi on a separate trip. Probably won't be doing either of them ever again.
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  13. I had a new edge at 18 and boy I seen 130 way more times then I should've
  14. About 130 on my GSX750 on the 7 mile bridge and the front wheel started to lift. 158 in my buddy's Z06.
  15. I had my Mustang just over 170mph one time. It was foolish and I didn't even pick a good road for it. Won't do that again.

  16. With a passenger!? Holy H. Did you hate them?
  17. Ole Yeller?
  18. Haha let's just say she was one of those adrenaline junkies.
  19. Yeah, same Mustang. The rear end of the car would generally start to lift and it would get too light when I would get close to 150mph. I just got that new wing and I wanted to see if it would keep the back end down at higher speed. Well it worked too well and I decided to see how far I could take it. My anus got real tight around 170, although there was plenty more left in it. I'm sure I could have run it all the way out to the rev limiter which would have been around 188mph. Definitely could have gotten it there with the nitrous. Now I am old and I don't go anywhere near that speed, and that nifty wing creates a huge area of suction behind the car that sucks all the road dirt up on to it. So now if I go to Walmart and back the car needs a bath.

  20. Back when me and my brother both had 5.0s we use to try to top each other. we would put a digitalcamera on our lap and take a pic of the speedomonter at top speed . I think we stopped around 130.
    57mph on my stock 450 foreman 4wheeler... that's scary