What's The Fastest Yall've Been In/on A Vehicle?

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  1. 140-145mph in my old 01 CAMARO SS and 140 in the 1/4 with my buddies 66 chevelle. I actually hate high speed runs anymore. Too many things I can't controll (I'm old and want to live)
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  2. north of 170 in a GT500...
  3. 177 in my mustang at the track....
    Just shy of 600 mph in an L39 trainer
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  4. Am I missing something^^^??
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  5. Fastest I've ever gone? Don't know. It was in my Mustang LX 5.0 racing a 95' Mustang 5.0 and an 90' Camaro back in the day and my Speedo stopped at 85 but the needle kept going all the way down toward the odometer. I was 5th gear wide open heading to the Mexican border with 4 passengers back when Tijauna was popular for the under 21 crowd because we could drink in TJ. A week later a drunk driver hit my parked Mustang and totaled it, thank GOD!
  6. 06 gsxr 1000 173 mph. Don't have it anymore, out of the bike phase.
  7. 189 indicated on my govt speed limited 09 ZX10R NUMEROUS times. Had more steam but the govt shut all the bikes down after the 99 Busa. Anytime I have a straight road and no one on it, I'm peggin it! Hell, I hit 140 in my tuned 11 Grand Cherokee this weekend! Tried to do the same with the Stang this weekend as well and now she sits with a spun bearing.
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  8. i trap consistently between 100 and 102 (need driver mod and sticky tire mod, lots more in it), speedo stops at 85, so after that no idea other than the track lasers.

    i got up to about 120 several times in my old lx, dumb idea with how beat to hell that car was and with almost bald tires. my last two trucks are limited to 95, my moms 01 sable at either 105 or 110 (found those out for myself), and the old 90 f-150 in the sig got me a ticket at 86 (though i was going about 100 before i passed the cop, just took a looooooooong time to get up there).
  9. 168 MPH track testing a Honda CBR1100XX black bird at buttonwillow raceway. What a rush!
  10. 183mph derestricted 2002 hayabusa. I'm a big fellow and can't tuck like the smaller guys. Gps verified. Speedo was at 195 or so.
  11. Sorry for the hijack, but there has to be a story behind your username. Do tell..lol
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  12. I would be very surprised at anything over 150. What were you using to measure that speed as mine doesn't read over 150 and may not even be accurate at that speed. I could log the speed but the penalties here for that speed if caught would compound into 5 figures.
  13. 165 in my old Toyota Mr2 Turbo. Poor Corvette Gran Sport guy was dumfounded
  14. Funny story.. my buddie has 04 mustang and was pissed off(girl problems) driving down the freeway. He said he was going as fast as a stock gt would.(I think he said like 135 or something._) as it so happens me and my other buddy(in a WS6) just happened to be on the same freeway and we blew past him close to 170(or so the speedo said) and when he told me that story of him thinking he was flying and the ws6 blew by him i could only laugh.. lol
  15. I decided to see how fast my SHO really would go on a long, flat and straight rural road. Then I remembered all that kept the cattle off the pavement was a bunch of old sticks holding rusty nails and some poky wires. Ending up with a ton of fresh steak in my lap at terminal speed did not sound fun. So I never did find out how fast it would pull in 5th. But redline in 4th gear was faster than any Taurus should go.

    Why should a motorcycle be limited on top speed? If someone wants to smear them self along the blacktop, they should be feel free to clean up the gene pool. Just do not do it while I am also driving in the middle of Denver rush hours traffic.
  16. I had a Turbo MR2. 165mph must have been accomplished with some pretty serious mods. That's around 7600rpms on an MR2.

  17. KKK30 turbo with compressor upgrade, 24 psi, and I don't recall everything else. Ran 12 second quarter mile times

    awesome little machine
  18. Pics of the SHO please. Even motorcycles are restricted from their silly owners.