What's The Fastest Yall've Been In/on A Vehicle?

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  1. I really miss mine. We had a fresh rebuild with forged pistons and a copper head gasket. It had a stock turbo upgrade. I forgot exactly what they did to it. Bored the compressor housing for some new compressor and a T4 turbine wheel. Something like that. Ran it at 1.2 bar on a stock intercooler. It made 241rwhp. It didn't run a 12 second quarter mile or anything, but I'm sure it would have been deep in the 13s if we actually ever got around to running it.

  2. Not really trying to start a fight but I seriously doubt that. Speedo wasn't off but 20 mph or so was it? The baddest mr2 I have ever seen in person was running [email protected], had serious money in it.
  3. I'm a little dubious too, but I had mine up to 150mph. I know it takes a lot more power to get another 15mph, but mine didn't have anywhere near the power some people are getting out of them. 25psi is quite a bit.

  4. sorry boys, I wasn't implying it was done in a quarter mile
  5. It's sometimes hard to compare when all you know is larger pony cars. An MR2 is like a go kart. It's a waste high car that doesn't weigh very much. Super comfortable cruiser though.

  6. Would you recommend one for a guys next project? I've been out of the import game since the early '00s. (Is the import scene even around?) What kind of prices are we talking for parts?
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  7. It's all in what you want for a car. I love those MR2s. It's unique to have a mid engine car. As for a project it just depends on what you want to have. They aren't torque monsters, and not the best for straight line performance. I just liked how comfortable it was to drive and go fast in, especially on long highway cruises with the T-tops down. It always got 30+ mpg no matter how hard I drove it too. I've given up on doing another one. A good Turbo car that isn't all riced out is going to run about $10k-$12k now.

  8. This morning I (in my vert) got in a little race while leaving an event against a friend of mine in his Saleen S351R.
    We hit around 130ish before we got on the brakes.:nice:

    That's about as fast as I've ever been in my car I guess.
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  9. As far as a two seater project, nice enough Fieros are cheap. A SBC would be a terror in one. Miatas with a SBF or SBC are possible swaps too. Think of it like a modern AC Cobra project. I researched these before going with a car with a back seat. And a SBC in a Chevette would have been terrifying with their Flintstone quality brakes. 150+ in a pop can quality car would have been interesting.
  10. All of those cars are terrible. If you want a two seater project car, just go ahead and spend the extra cash on an MR2 up front. You won't regret it. The Fiero was a cheap knock off of the MR2 that could never keep up. That's why they are cheap; you get what you pay for. The only affordable AC Cobra is a kit Cobra. All you need to say is the word "kit" and it's time to pass it up. The Miata is an absolutely ghastly car. It doesn't matter how much power it has, everytime you get in it you are going to think it was made by Fisher Price, and your head will melt if it gets to 80 degrees outside.

  11. @revhead347 needs your help! He drank the Kool aid and got the import rabies!

    Check out Factory 5 Racing for Cobras that outperform the stockers.

    I decided if I was not getting a truck, a 'Vette, or obviously another Mustang, and the import bug bit me that hard, a RX7 or 8 would be worth checking out. I got to ride in a turbo one that was quite impressive and a nice car.
  12. If the mustang ever gets the boot in favor of another hotrod, it will be a Factory Five roadster. 400hp in a 2200 lb package!

  13. I like a lot of different cars. Can't help it. Never had the bug for a Cobra kit car. I've seen some really nice ones, but they are still kit cars. They leak water, the suspension squeaks, etc. I have had a few friends buy the Cobra kit car in the past. They look just awesome in the garage. It's such an impractical car, none of them ever drive them. Here in the south, it's always either too cold, or too hot. The snap down roof means it has no real secuirty. It has no usable trunk space. The seats are small and get uncomfortable. They are loud, and the floor doesn't keep the heat from the exhaust from making your feet sweat. I would never spend that kind of money on a car I drive to 3 car shows a year.

  14. 173 on my 05 R1 and 180 on my old 04 Hayabusa
  15. I know the speedometer probably wasn't accurate on the Hayabusa but the R1 has a speedo healer and GPS
  16. yah you have never been in an f5 cobra
  17. Can't say that I have.

  18. Id really love to have an EVO 8. Wanted one forever. One of the best balanced cars out there next to the STi