What's The Highest Hp Vehicle Y'all Have Worked On Or Driven?

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  1. Car ive owned with the highest HP - 85 347 n/a 550HP/470 rwhp best time 10.26 @127 with me as a crappy driver
    rode in 775 hp 2003 cobra. Scary fast and drove like a stock car in traffic
  2. 175hp Kawasaki ZX10R. Cars aren't fast....Trust me!
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  3. Friends 66 chevelle with a 540BBC No2 sniffing monster. Dynoed 685 rwhp/670rwtq without the giggle gas. Small tired car runs bottom 9's
  4. 02 saleen I built. 11-1 comp, 4v 284ci with a small frame 88 on e85. Bout 900rwhp. Lay stripes at any speed. Its always fun spinning the tires past procharged ls cars.
  5. C-5 Galaxy. Not sure the horsepower numbers, but the 4 engines made around 50k of thrust each. Enough to push 700k pounds of jer/cargo/fuel to over 500 knots.Bikes aren't that fast either. I've worked faster, but not more powerful.
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  6. Brother-n-laws 331 T Trim coupe, 602rwhp. I was about 20 at the time, and afraid to really get on it. But he did a few times for me.

  7. Highest horse car I've driven is Project Shocker, my '89 LX. My best dyno so far is 822rwhp, but that's with converter issues. I have a new converter sitting here which I think will bump that number to 1100rwhp on the same tune.

    Here's me goofing around with it on the street:

    I'll try that Kaw.
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  8. MUST

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  9. You would beat me if you could hook it! That is more than enough power to beat a street bike! Lucky you aren't closer, I'd definitely give you a shot!!!!!
  10. I drove my engine builders 8 second 1200+ hp Mustang down the quarter mile one time.

    My work vehicle has the most power though. 13,900 lbs of thrust a side. I've fixed a few minor things on it, but I'm paid to drive it.

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  11. What would that be?
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  13. Let me help you. A TF-39D with the HPT upgrade, makes 41,100 lbs thrust per motor. That's a total of 164,000 lbs of thrust combined. So somewhere in the ballpark of 250,000 HP +/- 20,000 HP (it's WAY too difficult to figure out the exact values).

    The converted M models are somewhere around 60,000 lbs and also spin up a lot quicker. So er... More.

    I've never sat sticks on an M model though, so I'm going with the first one.
  14. What did you do in the AF? Always wondered, just never asked.
    A lot people in aviation around here.
  15. Fastest worked on was when I worked for the NASCAR team I worked for for a year (before wife's medical problems had me move back to MI where she is from.)

    Biggest and most powerful is thanks to your tax dollars: The AVDS-1790-8CR engine. Big, bad and powerful. Air cooled V12 the size of a Honda Civic and about 1050hp. Ungodly amounts of torque. They were in the M88A2 Hercules armored recovery vehicle.
  16. Drove my Wife's Friends 2012 Shelby GT500 Mustang. This gal knows how much I love that car, and according to my Wife when she is ready to sell it she will probably make me a deal on it I can't refuse! Can't wait till that day.
  17. Just a brand new stock 2010 corvette. I had it going 65 mph in first gear alone. I drove it like it owed me money. I thought it was a blast to drive.

  18. Most recently, I ran the crew chief section at Little Rock for a while and then the AMU. I've worked 6 heavy airframes throughout my career. 7 if you count the AN-124.
  19. ooh! Ooh! 1622 FWHP 95 mm meth fueled drag car.....mine