What's The Highest Hp Vehicle Y'all Have Worked On Or Driven?

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  1. Noobz, you have your a&p? They called what we did flying but it was only like 6"(that's what she said..)
  2. When you went down 8 sec was it hairy or was it over too quick to get nervous?(ha! That's also what she said, I'm on a roll)
  3. Drove (hard) a friends 326cu.in turbo'd Fox. Mint condition beauty.
    The only dyno numbers he's posted have it at low 700hp and mid 800tq at the wheels, but it was well known and video recorded/documented putting Hyabusas(sp?) away from a roll on the interstates.
    Pure insanity.
  4. I have all of my tickets but I've not gone to get myA&P. I'm in college for IST now. I figure I've worked jets for long enough. hehe
  5. Mmmm....heavies. You fellas worked way to hard for my liking. Tis the fighter world for me, especially as a civilian.
  6. No argument here.
  7. I guess it's time to be honest and be more clear. I think I ended up running a low 9 in the car. I ran it with one of the nitrous kits turned off. It was actually the easiest cars I ever drove. It had a glide and a trans brake, along with really good suspension, so it went very straight. It was a crap ton of acceleration though.

  8. A freight train with eight 4400 hp GE C44's. Over 35,000 HP and it wasn't fast at all...
  9. I know you were not asking me but I have my A&P.
  10. Cool
  11. I don't. But I stick with military jobs, so usually not requried.

  12. That's crazy isn't it? I mean, since military standards required for mx is several notches above what it is for civilian aircraft.
  13. Not really. Although the lic isn't required, experience is. Usually a few years worth. Civilian side likes the lic more than the exp. Been saying I need to get my lic for years now, just never have. Bottom falls out of the military jobs, and I fear it may, I'll be screwed. 24 years of exp, and I'll be lucky to find something in the civ world without the magical license. Have the airframe ticket, but they wouldn't give me the powerplant ticket. I'm the only former cc I know that the FAA wouldn't give a powerplant ticket to. Thought about talking to the feds out here about it, but not sure how accepting they would be of my engine experience since I got out in 99 and that's when I quit doing much with engines. A little recip work when I first got out l, but since then nothing.
  14. My car is just like that. You can steer it with your pinky. No drama. It just looks like your surroundings are moving in Fast Forward. (think Star Wars Lightspeed)
  15. That's funny....I just saw half a dozen in this thread alone that would make your ZX10R look like it was running with training wheels. ;)

    As for power....I was in a Boeing 737 once that made about 18,000HP after the thrust conversion. Not really snappy, but it seemed to have long legs on the top end. :D
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  16. My company will hire you guaranteed. There is an aviation mechanic shortage. With your level of experience they will hire you on the spot, and help you get your powerplant ticket. The pay won't be the same until you get the Powerplant rating, but they will help you get that quickly. You have already logged the required experience, so it's just a matter of taking the tests. They hire people without a Mechanic's certificate at all all the time, and help them finish. The most important skill here is the ability to fill out paperwork correctly. Line mechanics only carry one tool, a roll of stickers. You need to be able to fill out a deferral correctly. Hanger mechanics have to be able to use real tools. So long as you can do that, your job is secure.

    As far as maintenance cycles, that all depends on the manuals published by the manufacturer. However, they gear those manuals to the operator. In the civilian world things are run at a duty to get a higher time before inspection. For example, the GE CFM-34 engine. When it's on an A10 Warthog they run them at full power and that requires a higher number of maintenance cycles. They take that same engine, slap it on a 50 seat jet, then detune the piss out of it for a lower number of maintenance cycles.

  17. we've never dyno'd it but we expect the turbo car to make around 2000FWhp and the nitrous car around 1400-1500
  18. Just out of interest, who built your turbo engine? I'm just amazed at how expensive those high hp gas engines are when the parts list for them seems so benign.

  19. Fastest Car I have worked on personally was a 2002 Outlaw 10.5 Camaro 748cu inch billet big block with a PSI Screw Blower
    (I'm on the left in the back.)
    camaro wheelie.jpg
    Fastest Car I've drive is Mine, 1327 rwhp approx 1600 fwhp (9.0 @ 127 getting license passes coasting from before 1,000')
    Last pass the car went 138 mph to the 1/8 [email protected] 148 coasting from 1000 where the motor puked and the car went into the wall.
    It's all getting fixed now and may even make a x275 appearance after a few winter upgrades to both the chassis and the motor.
    Before: 3-5-13 R1 016.jpg

    After: crash4.jpg
  20. Roche Racing engines

    its an eagle crank GRP aluminum rods ross pistons trick flow high ports jesel shaft mounts and belt drive bullet custom cam. so truely nothing crazy like the nitrous motor. the turbo on it just makes good power
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