What's The Highest Hp Vehicle Y'all Have Worked On Or Driven?

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  1. I was looking at the build for Tom Bailey's Camaro. Engine starting at $74,000. Crazy money for 2200rwhp. It's not like you are getting a turbo Proline any cheaper either.

  2. yea those motors are big money all billet piece's
    the nitrous car motor is more on the line level that you guys would expect to make that kind of power but nitrous cars just dont make the power of a boosted car. its an RDI block with SC1 heads callies crank and aluminum rods
  3. :jaw:And I thought 15k was a lot for a dart built! 74k??:drool:
  4. sonnys new 1005" motor is 100K
  5. Amazing.
  6. *pay to play* I tell people my Fox is a $100k car (retail) and they look at me like I'm brain damaged. Oh well.
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  7. Dead stock.

    Look at how badly off my "eyeballed" alignment on the passenger-side is.

    good thing it's winter...

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  8. I have worked on my friend Walters 331 cid supercharged Outlaw 8.5 car a bunch, it makes just over 1,ooo crank HP. My own car, which I hope to be driving this coming spring should be a bit over 1,200 HP. if everything comes together as projected. I have just over $23K in the long block alone. Not counting the supercharger, fuel system, inter-cooler system, inlet/outlet manifolds, exhaust system, chassis, suspension, engine management system, et/al. The whole idea for me is to so overbuild it, that I can run mid to high 8 sec and only have to worry about a semi annual oil change and plug change. If that happens I will be ecstatic, but I expect some bumps along the way, it is the nature of the beast. I am already putting $ away for the "unexpected" when the car does get up and running. Right now the interior is gutted with just the 8.5 cert chrome moly cage and the dash shell fitted. I am in the middle of building the dash wire harness right now. At least the chassis/suspension is done and the engine and trans are sitting in it.
    The most fun/scary street car I have built/driven is a Superformance GT-40 with a fuel injected Roush 427 cid small block. At only 2,400lbs and with over 555 HP on tap that car was a beast! It was built for top end, the 5 speed transaxle had 3rd as 1:1 with 4th and 5th being overdrives. The fun really started at 120 mph and up. With the "bundle of snakes" true 180* exhaust that car had a sound like no other........you looked for reasons to go up and down through the gears just to hear that engine wail.
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  9. Same here, nothing too exotic.

    Dart Block, Eagle Crank, Oliver Billet Rods, Diamond Pistons, TFS R heads, Harland Sharp Shaft Rocker, Jesel Belt Drive, Custom Bullet/Freezy cam. Only difference would be mine is powered with Vortech's XB 105 :D
  10. moran.jpg
    That 100% Billet motor from Moran is only 140K only made 4,400 hp though....
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  11. welp i now have a stiffy
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  12. Dude... If you want it, just take one of those classes that teaches you the test. They administer the test too. lol
  13. You don't seem grasp the level of lazy that I'm capable of.
  14. Two please