What's The Ideal $34k Daily Driver Build?

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  1. Looking into picking up a 2013 Mustang as a daily driver, currently driving a 2011 Mazda Miata, but there have been a few times when I've wanted a little more oomph.

    It's a relatively short commute, so gas mileage isn't as much a concern, and I think that the $34000 MSRP level is where things are very interesting.

    If you had to build out a 2013 Mustang, keeping it UNDER $34k MSRP (going "just a teeny bit over" is against the spirit of the rules here), what would you build?

    I'm waffling between:
    GT with Track Pack
    GT with Recaros and 3.73 rear end
    V6 Premium fully loaded (glass roof, performance package, comfort package, electronics package)
    V6 Premium Convertible (pony package, comfort package)
    V6 base, performance package and recaros

    As a Daily Driver, where the weather is nice 90% of the year (central North Carolina), how would YOU build a mustang?
  2. I would go with the GT w/ Track Package. The stuff that comes with that I believe are better than getting the recaro's. Also, I wouldn't get a v6, but that's just me.

    My GT/CS is my daily and I love it.
  3. This is me to the letter.
  4. My vote is for GT with track pack, you get much more for your dollar then eliminating that for the Recaro's.

    P.S. They still made Miata's in 2011??? Wow, learn something new everyday!
  5. GT with Track Pack, I have learned to use the dead pedal and adjusted the seat to a better position to keep me from sliding around when hitting the twisties :)

    Oh yeah, I love having the 3.73's as well.
  6. I agree. GT with a track pack.
  7. how about a 13' gt/cs, seen the first one here and it looks good. Bright red, with the vents in hood black. Looks good.
  8. ^This. Although it is a little more than 34k but I absolutely love my 2013 gt/cs.
  9. What about the Brembo package as opposed to the Track package? Do you really need the 3.73 and Torsen?
  10. One more vote for GT with the Track Pack.
  11. Yeah, but then you'd always be thinking "I could've had a V8" :stick:
  12. Unless you are doing autocross or track days you don't really need the Recaro seats. Go test drive a V6 and a GT to see the difference, it is really up to you what you want out of the car. You are the one paying the $34k. Not that I don't agree with the GT with Track Package votes, that's what I would buy.
  13. Yes you could say that... but then again how many people can say they have a serialized vehicle from Steeda vs. a stock 5.0?

    Saw a couple Steeda Mustangs on Woodward last night, definitely stood out more than a stock 5.0.

    Just saying.. :cool:
  14. I'd say just GT with Brembo Package, not the whole track pack. If it is just a daily driver, and not a weekend racer, the 3.31 gear is just fine (particularly if the reference point you are coming from is a Miata), as is the standard limited slip diff.

    However, in a really nice climate, and if you aren't as crazy for power as I am, a V6 convertible (with performance package of course...don't get a V6 with the standard 2.73 rear) would be really tempting.

    On a side note, my current car is a 2011 GT Premium. If I were buying it all over again, I would probably get the GT base. After experiencing leather for a while, I've decided that I prefer cloth, and while I like some of the rest of what the premium trim comes with, I don't like it $3000+ worth.
  15. I can pass on the leather, I have leather in mine as a concession to my wife, I wouldn't get the 3:31 over the 3:73. Test drive both, I really love the 3:73 in my car. Much more lively :)

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  16. GT with the track pack, too bad ford discontinued the track pack on these cars some time ago and replaced it with the brembo package...track pack was short lived.
  17. Not sure where you got that information, but it is incorrect. Ford still offers the GT Track Package on manual cars.
  18. i'd get the base gt with 3.73 and what is left over buy a set of roush mufflers and a chip..