....whats the matter with people?

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  1. 96 1 of a kind mustang stalker

    Just had to show ya'll this.. I'm not digging the body kit, the trans am vents or the " rain bow" paint... Jeez.. that poor mustang.
  2. Lol not even surprised anymore.
  3. Sorry but I have seen much much worse.
  4. I just hate those stalker body kits.. and it has cobra all over it.. even though its a v6.. then he says its a 71 "moch" hood shaved to fit... It really just looks like the stalked hood...I do admit.. its better than the v6 with gtr badges and a cobra r wing with one of those ebay body kits, I seen a while ago.
  5. There's a yellow V6 that's all riced out near me. I'm talking horrible body kit, double stack wing, altezzas, the whole nine yards. I really need to get some pics of it. You guys will be horrified.
  6. There we go.. let's start a new thread and we can all post up the most riced out mustang around our area.. I'm sure there are some horrific midrange out there.
  7. It's almost as if the v6 stang is the king of the ricers. It can out run the civic, so it must be hellla fast yo.
  8. I agree not the worst ever for this kind.. But tragic in it's very own way..
  9. why go through all the trouble off cuting down a Mach hood to fit. when it looks the exact same as a Cervini hood
  10. I just have to think maybe he is just saying that, so maybe it will help his car sell. Someone will eat that custom hood up and tell everyone they meet about it. I know its not the worst... But trust me.. a stock v6 beats that car in every aspect other than rims.
  11. It's like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Clearly, dude needs glasses.

    It never fails to amaze me how "bad" somebody else' vision for what looks good can be.
  12. I totally second starting a riced out Mustang thread. There's a 99-04 V6 that drives around here that part of me wants to do everyithing I can to save it each time I see it.
  13. I'd rather we didn't start a "riced Mustang" thread. Unless of course there is someone who really likes these cars and is the one who wants the thread. I'd no more want a "riced Mustang" thread as a thread of photos of people who have been horribly maimed.
  14. There seem to be a lot of V6 owners who just have this mentality that sticking a ton of crap on the car will make it look good. It's mostly the V6 owners, too, though I do see some GTs like that.
  15. :notnice: Stalker body kits are by far the most unattractive!!
  16. how about a lime green 97 v6 with a double stack wing and the cherry on top is 4 3" exhaust tips (2 on each side) that point upward and are chrome ... i think everyone has something like that around their place... when i see my local "ricer stang" i always wonder what some of these paint shops think after the paint dries. you would have to be mad at yourself to drive something like that, I believe the the v6 mustang is for people that want the look but know nothing about the car and the history and parformance and they turn out pices of junk like that and they think its cool... sorry to burst your bubble its not! ... but i also believe that no mustang should go thru its life with 1 tail pipe
  17. no where as bad as I pictured it in my head via your description... I actually dont think the color is too bad if the body work was a little more tasteful. the trans am vents are just plain stupid.
  18. I used to have a v6 mustang with a double stack wing, and the cervini hood with 01 gt wheels. Blew the head gasket trying to drive it like a bat out of hell. I loved that car... I thought I was the s***!!!!! But, I was young and dumb.
  19. Looks like a good place for my first post. Saw this at walmart last summer.
    epic wing, any idea what those horn looking things are coming off the trunk?

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