What's the top speed you've gotten your 2010 Mustang to??

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  1. All shelby's have that alternate calibration from the factory. The tech doing the P.D.I is supposed to reset the pcm calibration, which will stop the pcm from dumping boost as it does in the safe calibration.

    The thing is alot of dealerships don't let the techs pdi the shelby's at all, and thus the only other way to get it to stop dumping boost is to drive it, usually around 30-50 miles total calibration will reset.
  2. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    Have you heard any tales of damaged Ford GTs or other performance vehicles before delivery to the customer?
  3. PS: Please drive carefully. May I recommend that you attend a Defensive Driving Course. Ask your insurance company which ones are good for a discount on your premium. You have already broken my lifetime maximum speed. I hope that 132 will be your all-time record and that your car will give you many years of reliable performance. JD[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I will Cleve. I have Geico-so I'll have to look into it. Rest assured- I won't be touching 132mph anytime soon-
  4. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    You seem to have a positive attitude. I have voluntarily attended the OK state approved Defensive Driving course at least 3 times. It took about 8 hours out of a Saturday and cost $50 the last time. (Your state may allow you to take the course on-line.) Each time was good for a 5% premium discount for 3 years. I force myself to read the auto accident reports in the newspaper. That keeps me mindful of the possible results of excessive speed and of not wearing ones seat belt. We owe it to ourselves to drive with consideration for our family/friends and fellow travelers.

    PS: At 67, driving is the only thing I can still do like a teenager.
  5. :nice: Great line!!

    104 mph at the track. You get caught doing double the speed limit here, your going to jail and your car is getting hauled away and impounded! Not worth it IMO.

  6. 156 in the 97 Cobra and 140 in the GT 500 . All GPS verified .
  7. jesus-how was the car at that speed?
  8. Both cars were very stable . The 97 had quite a few upgrades over the years i had it . Also had more revs to go if i kept going . It was at 6200 rpm in 5 gear and still pulling with no problem . That car was making 444 rwhp.

    The 2010 has only got about 1200 miles on it at the moment so i,ll have to wait till next year now to really try it . The 2010 though , at that speed , feels " Floaty" Have to remember though that its still 100% stock . Needs to be lowered with higher rate springs to keep it down . This car at the moment is making around 480 to the rear .
  9. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    SRT10: What octane fuel are you using during your dyno runs? I'm fairly certain that Ford is using 93 to arrive at their hp readings when they dyno the engine. Unfortunately, 91 octane is considered premium in OK now.

    What, specifically, did your tune on the 2010 modify from the original? Did it require a chip replacement?
  10. All we can get for fuel where i live is 91 octane. Before the tune , it made 440 rwhp . The car only had about 60 miles on the clock when i sent it in for the Dyno and tune . The tune was done by Joe Da Silva . He used to race on the Pro 5 Mustang Circuit . The dealership told me they would warrenty any mods i had done ONLY if that shop did the installs and the tune . For the tune , it was done with a SCT handheld unit .
  11. i got to 145 in my 99 vert lol
  12. jeeze-is your car lowered? how'd it feel at that speed? On highway or track?
  13. Well I have max the car out at 149, i know my car speedometer only goes to 140 but i had my gps on and I have it at 149 in 4th gear and was only at 4500 or 5000 RPM's so i still had 5th gear but the car has a governor at 149 so the only way to get that off is to get it tuned and i haven't done that yet. I also have 3.31 gears in my car, so i hope this answered your question.
  14. Mustang on Autobahn.. (germany)

    (2010 Mustang GT) I have gone over 140 for several minutes .. the needle keeps going but i think it cuts off around 150.. I live in Germany and there are no speed limits on some of the freeways...I will try to record the speed with my GPS this weekend...
    BTW it seems to go faster if you take out the governor.. my RPMs were around 5000 on 5th gear when the the governor kicks in...
  15. Actually in Oklahoma, the Sinclair gas stations still offer 93 octane.
  16. Not I, I hit 145 the day I bought my car traveling back home :shrug:
  17. I've already had mine at 110, but that's not really anything to sweat. I've had a Civic up to 160mph on the autobahn when I was stationed in Germany. My Toyota Yaris would do 110 easy on the highway, just needed some room to get there. I've had one of my STi's up to 145 pretty easily too. Once you drive on the autobahn it's amazing what you can get used to speed wise.
  18. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones: my drive to work (fairly secretive military compound located in the desert) involves 6 miles each way of two lane road with no cameras, police, pedestrians, animals or crosswinds due to the 8' concrete wall to keep sand from drifting onto the road. I often cruise it at 110-120, but have tested the speed limiter a few times and I confirm it's 140 in stock condition.

    Today I had the cruise control set on 120 mph, not bad... she just purrs like it's not even working for it. I know it's risky, but I consider it a calculated risk. I only blast high speeds when there are no other cars/trucks around. So if it all goes horribly wrong, I'm not endangering anyone else. I'll just go out in a blaze of (stupidity) glory.
  19. 155 mph in my 2012 GT, then I had to let off the gas. I wasn't on the highway, some 2 lane road and it was bumpy. O BTW...I am modless, broke college student...tight budget
  20. Clocked at 95mph racing a Buell, Christmas tree'd at 135mph (yikes!) thought i was going to jail. Luckily we talked Lamborghini's and recieved "Impedeing Traffic" $150.00 no points :)