What's the worst traffic offense you had with your Stang?

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  1. What's the worst traffic offense you've recieved because of the fact that either you were speeding with your Stang or maybe you got DWI and had the state take your Stang?

    Mine was a DWI I got last week. :notnice: Got my Stang still though :nice:
  2. I have a hard time finding any acceptable rationalization for a DWI. So I'm not going to offer your any sympathy on that one.

    The worst ticket I've ever gotten was Speed Racing -- for accelerating from 0 to 45 mph (the speed limit) in a very short distance (by myself, not racing anybody). I plead innocent and got out of that ticket thankfully.

  3. The cops having caught up with me yet, and I hope to keep it that way
  4. In the stang? 92 in a 65. On the bike?? I was doing 120+ in a 65 when I flew by her. But she didnt have the radar out (thank god) and she wrote me up for 90+.
  5. "Careless Driving" when i hit a parked car :(
  6. Assault, after smacking a ricer with my car door twice for trying to key my car, almost seen jail time for it, we all know the story.

    Old lady at starbucks that testified :hail2:
  7. Improper stopping and starting, i.e. me laying a nasty 40 foot strip down right in front of my frat house on Salisbury Street in worcester mass... the police supposedly heard the burnout a block and a half away and came bombin over. They didn't actually see it but its not hard to put two and two together with 20 guys laughin and clapping and me getting out of my car. They gave me a breathalizer too, which I thought was illegal, but I hadn't been drinking yet, so jokes on them.

    Court date in 4 months or so.
  8. I got a ticket for pulling an illegal u-turn in KY, right where the no u-turn signs are. KY state trooper right behind me I didn't see. OOOOOPS!
  9. I wasn't looking for sympathy. I was looking to start a thread. :D I can take the heat without any of that. I know I'll never do it again for fear of killing someone or myself. Definitely don't wanna have my Stang taken away by the state so that's incentive enough believe me. :nonono:
  10. got pulled over for doin 80 in a 65 but only got a ticket for having liscense plate covers :flag: the cop was cool about it since i had nothing on my record, he even complamented me on my car
  11. My Tickets!

    I will have to take a picture of all my tickets I saved from when I had my 86 gt, back when I was about 18! I have over 33 of them, Careless driving being one of the more serious ones, Lots of speeding and exhibition driving. I fought everyone in court and ended up with only 3 on my record. I am now 29 and haven't had a ticket in 8 years.

    I remember one, I came out of the car wash, and when I accelerated, the rear tires spun a bit.. Instantly I was pulled over and had an exhibition driving ticket. I explained to the judge, the co efficient of friction was greatly reduced due to the moisture applied to my tires from the car wash.. etc., etc.. He had no idea and dismissed the ticket.
  12. I will keep it short Drag racing,unsafe speed,carless driving,passing cars on wrong side,fleeing & illuding. I got away that nite only to get a ton of fines and papers saying i have ten days to go to court.That was in 98 just speeding tickets now no 120mph in a 25 or anything not yet maybe wance i get the procharger on there i can only hope :shrug:
  13. My brother got the dumbest ****ing ticket ever!

    "Illegal Starting of a Parked Car"

    He took off too fast....according to the cop's judgement. He did not peel out or race, he just.....took....off too.....fast!?!?! He did not pay the ticket, because we have a police friend who takes care of our tickets.

    Still so frickin retarded.
  14. i've gotten one meter ticket for $30...

    few weeks ago my brother got a ticket for HAVING A CAR FOR SALE, ON THE STREET, PARKED in front of his school

    lil ot but it's all i've got to work with
  15. Speed Contest, Speeding, Illegal Lane Change, & Reckless Driving.

    It was quite a doozy...CLASS B MISDEMEANOR.

    Took a Lawyer, 2 court appearnaces, and about $1000 to clean up that mess.
  16. Oh yeah I almost forgot. I walked out of my house the other morning and saw a parking citation under my windsheild wiper. I look and Im parked perfect so Im thinking WTF? I open it up and its a $25 fine for no front license plate. Turns out they went down the whole damn street and gave tickets to anyone without one on the front. What a bunch of BS. Not serious but thought I'd share.
  17. i got "failure to drive right". i send in any ticket i get not guilty, my first speeding one i sent in not guilty it was for 150 bucks and i went to court and told them i wasnt and paid like 70. but the failure to drive right one i sent in and they threw it away, i was pretty surprised, always send it in not guilty. either it wil lget thrown out or you pay less of a fine. at least thats how it is here in CT
  18. WTF is failure to drive right?
  19. i got a careless driving for doin donuts and burnouts in a empty parking lot at like 10 at night, good thing my gf's dad was a lawyer he got me out of them.
  20. racing on highway