What's the worst traffic offense you had with your Stang?

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  1. exceding 100mph in a 65 or 70 zone, I saw the radar and started jaming the breaks, the cop was franticly tring to lock me in with the radar and locked it in at 100. Cool cop though, he even let me go to the ATM to get Bail/Bond whatever it is, on the way to the jail. I got arrested and charged with speeding, 2yrs probation, 6 or 8pts on my lic. and that susp. my lic. for 30 days. I had to get a SR22. cost like 2,500$ total.

    best one that I was not cough for, doing doughnuts in the parking lot of a local police/city hall at 2:30 in the morning.
  2. There's some ****ass doing that on my street too.
  3. Improper driving, but I beat that one in court. As far as I've heard, I am the only person that has ever won in the kangaroo court that is our traffic "court."

    My little brother has collected some real head scratchers, however. "Raising Holy Hell" and "pipe rattling," to quote the hick cop's description of the sound Mac exhaust seemed to make when an AOD car goes into OD, come to mind. :rlaugh:

    Silly small town cops.
  4. I was playing one of the most obnoctious songs by the bloodhound gang. We were pulling out of the beach and I hit the mute button on the stereo to turn it down cause I saw a cop giving everyone tickets for loud music. Well he moseyed on over to my car (I think the music was still pretty loud) and told me to turn it down. I reached over to the volume button and accidentally hit the mute button again at a particularly vulgar part of the song...There it goes blaring across the parking lot. The look on his face was priceless. Thank God the ticket wasn't... only 85 bucks... My dad told me to contest it because they didn't have a meter to measure how loud it was so there's no proof of violation. I was leaving in two weeks though and didn't want to go back and go to court, so I just mailed it in...
  5. verbal warning for no front plate
  6. head light burnt out 72 hour fix it ticket
  7. I was stuck behind a person going 10 under and my friend passed me in the middle turn lane and i got a wreckless driving ticket. Bought the police video for $80 showed me doing nothing wrong, $1200 for a lawyer. The cop didnt show up but some how got 2 points for it still :shrug:
  8. Street Racing, 147 km/h in a 50 km/h zone, 330 bucks after it got downgraded to imprudent driving (the cop liked my attitude), and i had to take a course to not be a moron driver. I smoked the F-body I was racing though. Anyway, since then, I've learned my lesson, and haven't gotten a ticket in 2 years, till last week driving through Fargo, North Dakota, got a 44 in a 30 mph zone. Cost me 33 bucks (American dollars) but he was nice because i was a canuck and "didn't know any better"
  9. running a red, it was gay because I was ****in turning right and it was still yellow, and the cop was in front of me, he pulled a fat illegal u turn and almost caused an accident, I almost laughed in his face but just took the 100 dollar ticket.
  10. Not a stang story but a cop one nonetheless..... Last night me and my buddy (who was driving and had been drinking) were in his grand prix and were returning from a trip to a gas station and he was going 70 in a 40. Got pulled over and the cop saw a lighter that was a gun in the console. He pulls his gun on us, handcuffs us, and calls for backup. They see its a lighter and laugh, but then they breathalized me and my friend. Luckily, I hadnt been drinking but they took my friend to jail.
  11. I was doing a Brake stand with the R6 in an industrial park. Didnt notice the cop comming up behind me. Gave her another gear cracked it. Then planned on taking off. Well aparently my tire had other plans. Yah it blew out on me. Kinda hard to run on a flat tire!
  12. Participation in an illegal drag racing event & speeding (17 over). All with my old truck.

    For some reason, I street race more since I got the stang, and I have no new tickets. Wierd.
  13. EDITED for too many smilies!!!

    1) 1st day I got my car, I was 19 at the time. I got a $246.00 ticket for 115mph in a 55mph zone(not my fault...ok, yeah it was ).

    2)OUI (DUI) I hate myself for that one. Yeah, I got almost no sympathy with my DUI thread which is more than I should have received. Drinking and driving is unacceptable. No matter what.
  14. :lol:

  15. maybe i wasn't here, can you point me in the direction of the thread... maybe i'll do a search for it tomorrow- sounds like an interesting story
  16. Not trying to sound like a rebel bad ass here, but why did you stop? There's no way in hell that Crown Vic could have even gotten close enough to read your plate. I was on my friends R6 (120 hp, 360 pounds :hail2: ) with an expired bike permit, tooling down 290 in Mass around 80 when the blues and reds came on. Just flicked my wrist a little and I was doin 125 before I knew it. Peeled off at the closest exit, got a coffee at dunkin donuts, and then put-putted back to his place.

    If you are on a sport bike and pull over on the high way, its a courtesy to the trooper IMO.
  17. a little bit of this and a little bit of that :nonono:

  18. That's the worst f'in part. She didnt turn her lights on at all until after I was exiting and almost stopped I didnt even know she was behind me and there was no where to go. :bang:
  19. Worst ticket was doing 100 in a 65 in my 97 v6. When I didn't have enough money to pay on the spot, I was arrested until someone could make bail. I call my unckle who was a police chief. He came to pick me up only to get me off the ticket on the spot because I was a minor in a cell with people 18 and up. Thank god for being 17. I would have lost my liscense.

    Just got pulled over the other day when I accidently downshifted into second and ripped it past a couple of cops. Make that about 6-8 cops in 4 undercover squads. Luckly they were narco's so they dont deal with traffic citations. The complimented the car and the sound and let me off. After messin with me for 10mins. It was fun though.
  20. 67 in a 45, and a few weeks ago i got a "Speed Not Reasonable"