What's the worst traffic offense you had with your Stang?

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  1. Cruising 141 mph in a 55mph zone (radar confirmed). 2:21 am June 12th 1983. I-70, Middle of freekin' NOWHERE Missouri. Went directly to jail, paid $750 cash bond the next morning.. forfieted bond 'cause I shipped out for Germany the next weekend..
  2. :hail2: I think that about takes the cake. I've gone that fast, but I didn't get nailed for it :D. Having the first shirt come bail me out of jail would not have been a high point in my military career...

  3. taking off and nailing second gear and the whole car being sideways
  4. A friend of mine and I were both ticketed for doing 75mph in a 35 zone. I've gotta say, I've never seen a cop say f*** until that day. I was following my buddy, he in his camaro, me in my 86 GT, to Jiffy Lube when he just took off. I had no idea where he was going so I followed. We acctually hit 85, but by the time we were clocked, we were slowing down. The cop was in an unmarked car on a side street. It was also the first time I had seen a cop car burnout, as if he was at the track. That was 17 years ago. Just payed a $100 fine.
  5. Well three months after i got my car got ran off the road by an 18 wheeler and almost hit a sign. After freakin out and shouting obscenities i pulled back out on the road and was trying to catch him he was doing over 80. Well As i was catching him to get his tag, the cop didnt see him cause he was ahead of me. I did however get a 87 in a 55 speeding ticket, wreckless driving, running a red light, improper lane changing and following too closely. Ended up with 8 hours of driving school and 200 fine. I could have went to jail for wreckless endangerment and lost my liscense. I got lucky i knew the judge. I couldnt get off completely but driving school and 200 bucks is better than jail and no liscense.
  6. I got a drag racing on public road and careless op with accident. I raced a 99 gt when my car was stock. Lost by 1 1/2 car lengths. 1/2 mile later saw the blue and reds. While trying to evade down a side street I managed to put my car in the ditch. Cop was real cool and didn't write me a ticket for running from him. I got out of the other ones though. Guess it pays to know people.

  7. You have to pay your ticket on the spot?! What is that all about? I don't venture much out the Continental United Southern States of America but as far as I know I don't think any state in the south has that kind of law. I could be wrong but that is a new one on me.
  8. Basically, he was arrested, and didn't have the money for bail, so he needed to wait for bail to be posted.

    Funny story. Last night, I was cruisin' around w/ my friend (just talking cars and enjoying the nice weather) and I got a flat tire. My rims are aluminum, so once I heard hissing, I pulled over immediately, and watched the tire deflate.

    A sheriff pulled up behind me and asked me to pull the car off the road more, and I told him that I couldn't drive on the rim or else it would definately break. Unfortunately, it was the drivers side tire, and I was about 3 feet from being in the road.

    Thankfully, he let me put my spare on w/o moving the car. I think that was the most adrenaline filled, quickest tire swap I have ever done.

    Once I was back on the road, the road turned into a 4-lane road, and the sheriff pulled up next to me at a red light (no one in front of me). He rolled down his window, and asked me "Wanna race?"

    :eek: My jaw dropped, as he smiled. My friend quickly retorted, "Is that a trick question?" All of us laughed, and we took off.

    Once he turned off, I told my friend, "WHAT THE HELL!! He was in a big SUV.
    I could have smoked his ass!!!!"

    I don't think I would have the guts to race a cop, with permission or not. But it would have been funny, nevertheless.
  9. How about a $542 ticket. Not in my stang but in a friends Lexus. Watch your speed in GA!
  10. driving without license 3 times thrown out all 3, one time I got pulled over by a local state boy and I had no license, no proof of insurance or regestration, and no license plate...whoops.. the list goes on.. but he let me go.. I'll just say a local marshall is close... lol
  11. Pulled over a couple times for doing a burnout. Got let go both times with a warning. Also got pulled over for racing a Mini-S (yeah kicked his ass). The cop laughingly said "I guess Mini's cant keep up with mustangs huh?" :lol:

    Just look regretful and know you were a dumbass for doing it and they'll usually let ya off. Got a ticket for 65 in a 55, I was actually going 75 though. Its definitely better to be lucky than good, cuz I should have been busted for doing alot of stupid schit.

    Two years ago:
    Well here we go again :damnit: I'll make it short. Got ran off road by 18-wheeler. As I was trying to catch him after having to stop on side of road cause he almost ran me into a ditch. I passed a cop as I was catching him(cop claimes he never saw the truck). This is what I got.

    Speeding= 87 in a 55 (no biggie)
    Wreckless Driving= (Big Fine)
    Running a Red Light= ( :bang: just barely but still stupid)
    Improper Lane Changing= (Cop trying to get my liscense suspened)
    Following to Closely= (He made that one up no other cars around)

    Result: $250, 6 Hour Driving School, and Two Wasted Days of Work because of having to go to court :fuss:
    Knowing the judge that let me off so easily was priceless as they say. I could have lost my liscense for 6 months and had over $1200 in fines or could have went to jail for wreckless endangerment.
    All this craziness happened with the truck and cops as I was on the phone breakin' up with my then girlfriend.
  13. My only ticket so far is an 80 in a 65. I was on the Pennsylvania turnpike, came over a hill and saw the trooper sittin' there. He caught me dead to rights, so there wasn't much to do other than just take it. It cost me $130 and 2 or 3 points (don't remember exactly). The one time I don't have the radar detector out...

    I guess I've been pretty lucky in general, as I certainly have a hard time driving the speed limit (especially on the interstate). :D

  14. how did your dwi turn out?
  15. I got a 70 in a 30 once. I had to go to court for that and I was called into this room where the guy (dunno what you call his position) said i'm gonna lower it to 42 in a 30 and all you have to do is plead guilty to the judge. I think it was a $150 fine and some points. I don't remember how many points, nor do I really care :) This was about 4 years ago.
  16. I got wreckless driving for drifting in a huge empty parking lot at 1am in the morning. I talked my way out of it.
  17. At 16, my first mustang was an '83 GT. I got popped for doing 115 in a 45. It was by FHP. Didnt go to jail though....
  18. Talk about resurrecting an ooooolllllddddd thread
  19. 65 in a 35, not in the mustang but my parents chevy prizm :bang:
  20. the other night right after it was raining i was takingh off a little quick in the parking lot of where i work... my tires spun(posi of course) and with the music up i didnt realize they spun much until i started drifting sideways, so i let off, drive a little more and then decide to turn around to talk to my manager for the hell of it.. a state cop comes flying by and writes me up for harsh and objectionable noise even though my car was turned off while in the parking spot by this time, he never inspected my exhaust to see if it was even modified(its definately not legal) and only mentioned burning out which i said was a mistake then takes off. my neighbor(local cop) said it was bs, but im wondering if this is even fightable, we'll see now won't we..$50 citation and insurence points