What's the worst traffic offense you had with your Stang?

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  1. Just go to court and explain what happened I guess :shrug:
  2. Street Racing ticket here in so cal..Going to court on monday. Wish me luck!!
  3. I was cruising on Broadway with a few friends in my '72 Chevelle Malibu w/ a 383, when a Metro cop puled up next to us at a light. He cruised slowly next to us to the next light, staring at the car. He waved, smiled and then pointed ahead down the road. I was a little curious, but took off like a normal, law-abiding citizen. At the next light he yells "NO! I mean get on it!"

    I nailed that loud pedal and took off like I was at the tree. I covered the block in a flash and slowed down. At the next light he pulls alongside and gives us the thumbs up, saying "I just wanted to see what my Cruiser would do against something like that," and turns left. :shrug: I think it would probably lose, Officer.

    My worst offense was a 115 in a 55 by an undercover narc/ gang squad officer. He was cool though, and told me he worked days, and to request night court. He never showed for either appearance and it was dismissed. :hail2: Thank you, sir!
  4. I've gotten 3 tickets in my car, first two was in a mall parking lot I didnt see anyone around, so I did a few donuts, then drove off at 45mph in the 15, then powerbraked at the next stop as the cop was already coming. :doh: :doh: So he got me for 45 in a 15 and unsafe start. Then I got a 60 in a 40.
  5. Only 1 ticket - I did get her up to 130 the first week I had it on 495 in MA. That was nuts since I still couldn't shift properly.

    First ticket in VA - 51 in a 35 - total bs. One of the future projects will be getting the Valentine 1 and mounting it in a nice spot where they can't see it while I'm driving. :)
  6. Dunno what model radar detector it was, but I've seen a few mounted where the dash clock was :nice:
  7. yeah i've got the v1 its sweet I picked one up miles ahead last night on the highway
  8. Yeah I don't think I'm going to go with anything except that - it's got way too many good things about it.
  9. I got a warning ticket 2 days ago. My speedo is WAY off because of my gears, but I swear I was only doin' 5 over, if that! I think he just wanted to check out my car, lol. He never said what I was running..... This is the first time I've been pulled in the Stang, though.... & the first time in a couple years period.

    My RX-7, now that was a different story. I got so many tickets in that thing, I ultimately punished myself by selling it on eBay. I miss it, but I'm glad I got rid of that ticket magnet.