whats this black thing ?

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  1. intercooler or oil cooler? and would you give 12 to 14 g for it with flood title ?[​IMG]
  2. Isn't that an ac condensor? It is probably worth 12k if you do all the work yourself.
  3. I'd say it's worth 12k. If nothing else, you can part the car for more than that.
  4. thats the intercooler or heat exchanger its a water to air one
  5. where can you get your hands on flood cars????

    I'm curious...
  6. my bro laws got connections,,the bidding started this cars you can see in the inter net .. how bout 14,00 i can do all the work i just did a 03 mach 1 click my name and see my post
  7. 14,000 the highest im going
  8. theres 80,000 of them down here
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