Whats this called????

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  1. Its hard to explain and i cant take a pic now because the car is at the mechanic. There are 4 lines in a bundle that come from inside the fenderwell, they are four different colors: red, green, white, and pinkish. The green white and red one come out of a harness looking thing its got 3 holes in it in a triangular shape. Well when i did my headswap i decided to burn these 3 holes shut with a lighter because i figured im geting rid of my smog anyway i wont need this. Wrong i need one of them for my EGR. Someone told me that harness works as a soleniod and that i cant just pull vaccum from anywhere for the EGR. Does anyone know the name of this harness looking thing so i can get a new one or of a way to fix my EGR problem??? I know its hard to understand i have a hard time typing things i dont fully understand. Thanx... Mike
  2. You can trace out and run a vacume hose to the output of the vacume solinoid for the egr to the egr,or the part I think would be called a vacume engine harness, FORD will know.
  3. Here's a pic of what you are talking about. My white line is broken off. The red connects to the intake vac. The green goes to the EGR. The white is to the AIRB. The pinkish from the fender goes to the AIRD. I might have the AIRD and AIRB backwards.

    Inside the fender, the red feeds the 3 solenoids. One each for the EGR, AIRB, and AIRD. The outputs of the 3 solenoids go to the 3 valves through the green, white, and pinkish lines.

    If you go to ford and get a new one, please post back here and let me(us) know how much it cost for what pieces.


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  6. By the looks of it, that line might go to the back of your intake. Green is always EGR vacum. They should connect to an good vacum source and green to EGR. Get a vacum and electrical book from your local dealership.
  7. Thanx for the pic is there something else that plugs into the white part with the prong on it???
  8. How hard is it to get that thing out? I accidentally melted them to my headers when I first put them on :bang: . Right now they're togther with tape :rlaugh: .
  9. The white prongged thing is a vac coupler for the 3 lines. The other thing that plugs into it is the fender vac harness. It should look like the end of the harness shown in the pic.

    I assume that your coupler is missing or still atached to the fender harness. But if you are not using the smog and just EGR, you could just run a normal vac line from the intake to the EGR solenoid, and from the solenoid to the EGR valve. You may also have to cap off a 'passthrough' vac port on the EGR solenoid, if there is one (I've never seen that solenoid or know how the vac is shared between the 3 solenoids.) More than likely the main vac feed to the solenoids (red line) is just tee-ed off into each solenoid.

    Getting the new harness would be easier to install, though. It would also look more stock.

    It goes to the hex shaped vac fitting on the intake near the throttle body. The fuel pressure regulator and the line to the vac manifold by the brake booster also gets it's vac there.


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  10. Can i Remove those Wires above, if i remove my EGR and emission equipment??
  11. i plugged all four of those wires coming out of the fender and i believe two spots near the intake manifold and then took my pump out and the hose going to the back of the heads (also plugged that). my car runs fine still except for the check engine light. i don't know too much about all of this, but it worked for me. what exactly is the EGR?
  12. roi95....Did you "set" the plunger on the EGR when you removed it??? With that plunger all the way out...The CE light is gonna stay on....Set the plunger 1/2 closed and secure it...Your CE will go out...Just went thru that last month.

    I removed all the smog tubing, airpump, EGR,. I made block-off plates for the tubes behind the motor...A recent code checking revealed nada... :nice:
  13. good luck mike, heres a bump for ya
  14. What if I have a few lines disconected like from smog pump valves

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    Are you still running the EGR? If you don't run the EGR, AIRB, or AIRD valves, you can disconnect the red 'feed' from the intake, and cap it off. If you use any of these valves, you need the red 'feed' connected.