Whats this noise...

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  1. It started months ago as a very little baby rattling(clickin) noise when I push the gas pedal every now and then so I didn't pay it any mind. Now its very noticable and sounds like a baby rattling(clicking) kinda noise big time when I start accelerating. You guys have any idea what could make this noise? I don't hear it with the radio on, but if its off you can defiently hear it now and annoys the poop out of me!!! :(
  2. Is it when the engine is cold? If so, Ive got the same thing except I'd describe it more like a cricket. It sounds like a high pitched click.
  3. wheel bearings??? where does it sound like the noise is coming from? i'd have someone stand outside and find out where it's coming from. i have heard a car with the wheel bearings going out and it sounds like the noise you're describing. just a suggestion.
  4. I had a similar noise. When you push the clutch in does it feel as if it was grabbing and sliding freely. Mine turned out to be the pressure plate which was replaced under warranty with a new clutch.
  5. My car is a automatic. I hear the noise when its cold and warm. I don't hear it when Im cruising at steady speed. For example, I hear the noise anytime I get on the road to get up to speed, stop at a stop light and go etc... But I don't hear the noise once Im at a steady speed say on a highway. It almost sounds like something is lose in the throttle(not mechanically inclinded here) It just sounds like a clickin/slight rattling noise when I am accelerating. Thanx for the suggestions guys... anyone else have an opinion on what it could be?
  6. valves???????
  7. I definitly think it is the wheel bearings. Is the sound comming from the rear. I would have everything checked in the rear end. Is it definitly only making the noise when you push the gas?
  8. valve tiicking prolly, find the most expensive octane booster and put 1.5 bottles in your tank with high test and it will go away, as mine did.....
  9. It could also be an exhaust leak, probably at the connnection from the manifolds to the exhaust pipe, I had a camaro that was bad about that once.
  10. If it happens under acceleration, it sounds like you're knocking. You running a 99/00?
  11. well, now I am also hearing the noise at highway speeds on cruise control. I was using 89 octane in my car, and maybe thought if I dropped back to 87 it would maybe help but I still hear noise. the sounds are defiently coming from the front of my car and it almost sounds like its coming from under the hood of the drivers side. A few times I have accelerated the rattle got super loud. O yea, my car is a 99' Mustang Vert.
  12. The 99s and 00s have a Technical Service Bulletin out. The PCV allows too much oil into the intake, and you'll get spark knock, more noticable under acceleration. The fix includes cleaning the carbon out and replacing the driver's side valve cover with the 01+model. If you haven't done that, give your local dealer a call, and ask to have it done.

    A few months ago, I was noticing my car pinging under acceleration, had it done for free, and no more ping. The dealer also recommended running a tank of hi-octane gas every 10th gas refill, to help clean out any additional buildup.
  13. I had the same problem and it ended up it was a broken connecting rod! I only heard the noise when pushed the gas pedal like you!
  14. either case is pretty serious; you should have your checked out as soon as ye can, JBoo
  15. Yikes! I hope thats not the cause of the noise in my car. What did it run you to fix?
    Yeah, mines a '99. Ive noticed that the noise can occur at any engine temperature and also only when Im pressing the gas. How much did your fix cost?
  16. As I stated in my earlier post, it was free. Ask a dealer how much it will run you to perform the TSB. Mine may have been free only cause I had it done under warranty.

    PS: NHTSA lists the TSB as number 13987. This may or may not be the number Ford uses to identify the defect.
  17. it could be as simple as tire rod ends are wearing out, if the guy you bought it from messed with anything in the front of the car and tightened the tire rods too tight (the thing that connects to the front sway bar) then that can produce a clicking noise. i doubt its pinging, i mean honestly that is a pretty serious thing, you know when an engine pings, not hearing that is like not knowing you have a flat tire. if it started out small and is now louder it has to be wearing. it could very well be something in the rear as suggested. have you checked the lug nuts. you could be hearing shearing if a lug nut is not tightened all the way. however usually if that is happening you don't hear it accelerating (usually). its obviously something in the suspension. if you do not hear it while the car is idling in neutral in the driveway, then its not in the engine. valves can make a clicking noise but nothing substantial, injectors in the winter can be noisey as well but that again is a slight sound and can be heard from outside the car parked. check the bushings on the tirerods, those could be getting warped, if you don't know what to look for, take it to a mechanic. Last hting you want to do is find out its a stupid lug nut thats not tightened all the way and then while driving along you shear off the a couple lugstuds and your wheel falls off. thats a bad look, beleive me, i know from experience.
  18. Thanks for the help. I think I'll start by taking it to a mechanic. As far as the TSB, I'll have to look into that a little more first. I'll avoid fixing it if possible. :)
  19. Did you get that fixed ? I'm starting to hear the same noise in my 01.
  20. I had a similar problem except it was the ball joints on the front wheels..every time id hit the gas and turn id hear a squeaking noise...cost 140 for both wheel joints to be replaced...bah..regardless hope u got it fixed