Whats this noise...

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by JBoo2911, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. any news ?
  2. wow you crazy post, whore.... happy you finally got to 100?

    i say take the pcv thing off the intake and put a breather on the valve cover and see how it works out...
  3. I have been looking in to this as we have the same issue. Here is a site where someone installed a fuel filter in the line to block the oil flow.


    Another message board had a post about the TSB and said the valve cover was pretty easy to replace. I called our local Ford dealer and they had the part in stock - it was about $40. Here's the message board link:


    Anyone else had a similar problem and fix it either of these ways?

    Bronco Joe
  4. Boy, I'm glad someone started this thread! I purchased my 2000 in June with 30k miles on it. Since then, it has started to develop an acceleration knock. Higher octane gas seems to help, but I thought it strange that an engine with so few miles would knock on 87 octane. This may be my problem.
  5. I have now tried this fix. It worked for about 60 miles, then the pinging came back.

    Talked to a friend of mine at Ford and he did some checking and confirmed this is a known issue. The part that REALLY needs to be replaced is the baffle inside the valve cover that prevents the oil from getting into the PCV tube to start with. I think the only way to get it through buying the cover at the dealer, though.