Mach 1 What's up fellow machers

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by COMP MACH, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hey guys! I'm new to the site. Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Nick and I'm 23. Proud owner of a 04 mach. Here is a few pics!

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  2. Hello fellow Macher :nice:

    I see you have a good choice in color (btw, it's the fastest one too :D)

    Let me whore mine out too :D


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  3. Nice Mach, mang! :)
  4. This is " whats up with me "

    Looking for 18x11 Deep Dish Bullett Black Rims to mount 335/30/18 Tires on. By the look of it may only be able to get 18x10 , therefore a slight downsize to probably 315 or 295s.

    Chrome Bullett come in 10.5 but I like the Black because my Mach is Black.

    Still shopping :):bang: :bang:
  5. Welcome and congrats on the Mach! You should have it repainted Azure Blue though. You'll get more honeys that way :D
  6. What about Zinc yellow? That's a fast color!
  7. That should be repainted Competition Orange then repainted Azure Blue :D