what's up from Arkansas

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  1. What's happen'n guys and gals. Looking for a new home to show my mustang progress. Im a member of a popular carbuerator forum and getting bored with it. The people are cool but technical support blows as they like to link you videos on there products to solve problems. Usually end up on a chevy forum to find answers. Lol! Figure i would give this a try as Im the proud owner of a 1989 lx coupe with a push rod 302 conversion. Look forward to post pics of what I've done in the last couple years.
  2. Hiya... welcome home!
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  3. Thanks! I've been trying to post pics in my album but there are two problems. One im doing this from a smart phone. Two my pics are too large it says. I can't figure out how to resize them other than scaling the size down and not by the pixles size. Is this the same thing? (pixel size scale size)
  4. Easiest thing to do from a smart phone is to get the image ready like you're going to send it in a text message (it will resize prior to sending). Then click on and save that prepared image. Then upload the new image to your album.

    Otherwise, access the forum from a computer and host the image off-site.

    If this all sounds like greek to you, don't worry. You'll pick it up as you go.