Whats Up From Auburn Alabama

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  1. New to the forum but not to the mustang family, just dropin in to talk with others on the subjects my women gets tired of hearing! Anyone goin to mustang week in south carolina next week I've already took my vacation for the entire week!!! 20130620_193252.jpg
  2. Welcome!

    We will be rolling from Auburn up to Myrtle next week (Thurs), we are towing up our BTC project to be on display at the TMI booth. Ought to stop by SN headquarters sometime! We are there normally from 8am to 12.


    480 N dean Rd
    Suite D1 - Pro3 Industries

  3. Ok cool and thanks, yeah I'm just right up the road from you guys at tiger paint and body, I'm the painter up here, were leaving out sat morning, your shop is close to the railroad tracks right
  4. Yep, the shop up behind Jimmys across the tracks.
  5. Lol yeah I have some frienda that are installers there and they've been tellin me about a lx model that's been soundin mean over there
  6. Ill have to swing by, I've had this 96 apart for resto for about 4 yrs now
  7. welcome aboard!