Whats up - long time no see

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  1. Looks like I will be getting back into the game. Any of the oldtimers should know who I am, the newbies not so much, as I haven't really been on here much since I totalled my GT early last year, and this section since I got my GT. Well, as we all know gas prices are startin to get pretty high, and its pretty tough on the ol wallet filling up a truck that gets ~12-13mpg (put $84 in the tanks last night :eek:), so it looks like Saturday evening I will probably be picking up a 88 turbocoupe as a donor vehicle for my 93 LX hatch which I have had since early '01. Always kinda wanted to do the swap, and I am getting a pretty good deal on the TC I think. Hoping to pick it up Saturday and work on swapping it in my spare time, and will probably part out what I don't use.

  2. Hey, I may just be the only one here these days that remembers you. I guess stinger stops by every so often, but it just isn't like it used to be.
    Glad to hear your getting back into the 2.3s. I actaully got a 97 GT that I've been daily driving, and the 88 will get some really fun parts soon... like a T3/T4 50 trim, and a low compression ported head. ohh, I can't wait :D.
    Pretty much everyone that still does the 2.3 thing went on to TF. This forum died, as too many newbies filtered in, and dwelled on making a NA 2.3 fast without pulling the head for work, and without spending much money or doing much work.
  3. Hey.. whatever parts you dont use, lemme know what you have, because i need a few odds and ends for my 88 turbocoupe. I may be new here, but just got it about 2 months ago.. so ill be on here alot probably..
  4. Still remember you too.. hehe

    Nice to see some old folks in here.. hehe :)
  5. Man I have not been to SN in quite a while.
    GT- Good to see you, glad the turbo swap will finally happen.

    I have been playing with the 2.3's still also, but been playing more with 331's and 347's and a nice turbo 393 here as of late.
  6. What's up, man! I'm still around every now and then.. when I get bored I come over here for a laugh to see the latest and greatest posts. If you want any useful information, go to turboford.org. I also read a lot on turbomustangs.com.

    I think you've seen it, but I just wanna post the pic anyways.. :) This is my latest project.. Megasquirted aluminum-headed twin turbo 351w. Haven't really gotten to drive it much yet.. still have some tuning issues, but right now I can't work on it due to school.


  7. Oh whatever :p
  8. wow, its like an old people reunion in here.. GTP, brantley, SVO1. I remember you too, But even im not around much anymore.. Too Busy.

  9. Yeah, hopefully I will get to pick it up this saturday. Its going to primarily just be a fun little project and probably turn into a daily driver, since it will get at least double the milage I am getting now. I will post pics of everything in a few days when I get it.
  10. Well its sittin in my driveway now...I'm dead ass tired. Helped a friend move this morning, then this afternoon drove from Dallas to Austin and back...The body isn't in the best shape, but thats not what I bought the car for. I will try to get some pics of my collection soon.
  11. Looks like I am coming into even more parts here pretty soon for a good deal. Have a friend who starting building a pretty nice setup, and just has never got around to installing it. Has a rebuilt longblock with speedpro pistons, ported/big valve head w/ a237 (i think) roller cam, adjustable gear, t3 turbo, stock i/c, hks blowoff valve, gss340 pump, la3/injectors/vam, etc. pretty much everything. Going to have a pretty nice daily here pretty soon I hope.
  12. QFT
  13. Wow this thread is bringing some oldies back.

    I remember you, and I havent seen Brantley post on here in ages either.

    My friend is in same situation. Cant afford gas for his 472/435hp Camaro or his Chevy 4x4 so he finally broke down and bought a 88 turbo coupe for daily driver and loves it, said he understands why I have been singing hte praises of the turbo 2.3L's all these years.
  14. Greetings to all you old timers. I still take a gander on here every 2 weeks or so.

    GTPhreak, 'bout time you built one.

    I'm still driving both of mine. My LX actually tied first place earlier this month in a car show for "best rod" - against a nice t-bucket - that was cool. Tonite I'm degreeing the cam on the SVO, somethings keeping it slower than the LX and dang if I can't figure it out.

    later! enjoyed the reunion thread!
  15. Got then engine and tranny out of the bird tonight, gonna work on gettin it cleaned up and ready to go in the stang. Going to try to have that done by next weekend. Got most of the other stuff pulled last week, ie; ecu, vam, etc.
  16. I guess I’m an old guy too, now that I’m a "Founding Member". But I remember all of you guys and happy to see you haven’t forgotten about the guys here on Stangnet.
  17. i member you too...im gettin back into my turbo project too...looking for a nice body to drop my engine in, dunno if its gonna b a stang/merk or TC but i just want somethin clean, and here in rusty salty canada thats kinda hard to find. hope you been well and hi again everyone

  18. Thats cool, whats up Victor, its been a while..

    Just finished pulling out the rear end...Now I have a dang TC sittin in the driveway with no drivetrain what so ever.
    Which leads me to another question. Are the varga calipers on the rear end the same as sn95 calipers?
  19. Heres an in progress pic or two...Got the engine and trans out of the Mustang this morning. Going to start on the wiring shortly I believe. Then get the new motor and trans back in..


    On one side you see my engineless hatch, what you dont see is the TBird rearend and transmission behind it. On the other side is all the crap that is normally in the garage, plus 2 engines, a transmission, multipler tires, tools, and an engine lift. I'm sure there is more but thats about it for now.
  20. Cant see pic