What's Up Stang Net!? Just Converted From 2 Wheels To 4

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  1. How's it going everybody? I've had a crazy start to my 1st mustang. I picked it up a couple weeks ago (03 Wht 5spd GT) and have found some issues with it since. I also created an issue since as well. If anybody has any ideas on these things or if I'm just too paranoid let me know.

    1. Radiator full of rust.(I flushed it for a few days with Prestone cleaner still has some rust though)
    2. ABS light. (how much should I be concerned with this? are modules easy to repair or get new?)
    3. 2 oil leaks one at driver side of oil pan another at oil pressure sensor near oil filter
    4. upon flushing radiator got water on top of motor. There was water in the spark plug wells(Not all) so i dried it out but the motor since has thrown misfire on 1,2.5,7,8 also one injector code as well. I have new plugs to install this weekend but any advice regarding new coils or injectors? What should I do?
    5.Might need new clutch.(Only time i don't get a worn bearing sound is if I take of hard other wise it sounds like its going to stall (But doesn't)
    6. How to tell the need for motor mounts or tranny mount or bushings( things seems a bit loose and clicky when I'm slowing down.

    I guess this is good to start with.

    Thanks guys I appreciate your input
  2. Welcome aboard.... Post your questions in the 4.6 section and i'm sure you'll get good advice
  3. Thanks I'll copy this over.
  4. Thanks