What's up with this eBay Mustang?

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  1. Hi all - I don't post here that much, but when I come across ads like this, my blood starts to boil.

    I follow Mustang prices quite well, and know that a car in this condition would barely fetch this much as a K-code project.. but it's only an A-code.

    I know there is some shill bidding going on - I emailed the guy and he's a complete prick.

    Anyway, I guess I just needed to vent. :mad:

  2. only worth it if THE CLUB comes with it!
  3. ^ true! But for the price he's asking, I hope he'll finish covering the entire car with rattle can.. I know that flat paint jobs are the trend right now.. might as well finish it.

  4. Yeah, but nobody is actually going to buy it at that price.

    As far as the 1 bid on the car, it is probbaly the old eBay trick where a friend of his entered a bid below the reserve to make it appear there is interest.
  5. 4 pics of a $700 interior kit and not a single pic of the chassy :nonono: i pray nobody is actually stupid enough to bid on this.
  6. Especially with the New York DSO of 13.

    Road Salt City!
  7. ...this car has a kick ass new engine 289, 4 speed that is SUPER FAST. It's slightly above stock...

    Must come from the "ghia" side of the family. :rolleyes:
  8. LOL

    Listing removed
  9. Someone should set up a bogus account on Ebay just to bid and screw with the idiot.

    Although wouldn't he be laughing if someone actually bought it at that price!!!