whats up with you blower guys?

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  1. I have heard it from 2 03/04 cobra guys now. after i beat em in a 1/4 mile race they come talk to me about my car. then they find out im juiced. so there responce is and I quote, "oh yah well your using Nitrous." last time i checked a supercharger was a power adder. its not like there cars are N/A i mean come on mine just happens to be in a bottle. are these cobra guys forgetting they have a power adder because the car came that way and they didnt do the modding?
  2. ***I'm just waiting for the "There ain't no 86 Cobra" rant from the knowitall crowd.***
  3. oh dear i hope that doesnt happen. would it help if i told them im from canada and we have cobra badging on our 86's?
  4. :shrug: I don't know. I get beat by faster cars all the time. Shhh... don't tell anybody, but sometimes I even get beat by better drivers in slower cars :eek: !

    What are you trying to say? That all us 03/04 Cobra owners are ignorant about what constitutes a power adder?


    You must have been racing our former buddy Mr. CarrollShelby! :rlaugh:
  5. no not saying that at all. it just seems that these 2 anyways seem to think NOS is a bad thing like cheating or something.
  6. Nothing wrong with NOS at all. It has its place like any other power addition. It just doesnt have a place in the type of racing that I do.
  7. I don't complain when I get beat.:shrug: Oh wow, a SC is a power adder, I had no idea.:( By the way NOS is cheating. JK.
  8. Dr. Wu iff you have 477 hp and 491 ft/lbs i hope you don't get beat by very many peeps. what is your best 1/4 mile time or are you a autocross racer?
  9. Do not autocross and have never ran it at the track. I said I would never beat on it at the 1320 and it would strictly be a weekend street car, but the 1/4 mile bug has bitten me.:p Working on new clutch set-up right now and possibly level 2 ( maybe level 5 ) half shafts then it will make it's virgin run. With a good driver ( I'm still working on that part ) it should run in the 11's.
    Most of the time on the street I don't have anything to worry about.:nice:
  10. No kidding. i think on NOS the calculators say im putting 410 average hp down to the wheels and 426 peak. i need some better heads and a roller cam shaft.
  11. you have a large weight advantage over us too . I can could only imagine if my cobra weighed 3200lbs
  12. yes there is that thank goodness for the wieght savings i hate putting myself on diets before race season.
  13. Remember though. You are putting down that HP for a few seconds. Once the squeeze shuts off you are much lower. I put down close to 600 HP as long as I wish. I run for 20-40 mins at a time.
  14. lol yes i know my bottle hp is very temporary. but im a 1/4 mile guy so thats ok. if i was a road race guy i would have chucked this 351w for a 408 stroker and sme real heads.
  15. Mine does:nice: :rolleyes:
  16. I'm going to be purchasing a 03/04 Cobra in the near future and I will probably be open tracking it like I do my Saleen but I'm wondering what kind of suspension are you running??? I was thinking the Advance Geometry Suspension from Kenny Brown.. What do you think... oh yea I love road racing.. it's the best...:hail2:
  17. Or you can take your 351 stroke it to a 356, put winston cup heads, a 850 cfm carb, sup it, cam, all that jazz, and boom 720hp winston cup car engine, that would be fun...in a mustang..:nice:
  18. I have been looking at the new KB stuff. It looks like it might be quite good.

    I hard mounted the IRS cage with Alu bushings. I replaced the outer rear bushings with sphericals. The inners are delrin. I have Alu Front Dif bushings and a delrin rear. I have bilsteins with coil overs and a 3 point rear tower brace. In the front I have MM tube K and A's with Delrin bushings. Bilstein struts with coil overs and MM caster plates. The good 4 bolt steel ones. I run a 3 point strut tower brace. The front and rear are tied together with a extream matrix subframe including the jacking rails. Above its all tied together with a full cage. She sits about 2 inches lower than stock. I have a bump steer kit front and rear. For brakes I have stoptech 14" two piece sloted rotors and 6 piston calipers. Ducted with blowers. The rear I have 4 piston wilwood superlites on 13" two piece sloted rotors. Tires.. Always Hoosier! Dont tell the viper guys but I run the VRL slicks. 335-30-18s rear and 305-30-18s front
    I saw a thread a while back where the 350Z guys said the cobras can't handle. I guess they were the ones I passed in turn 4 at Big willow.
  19. Drop about 500-600lbs off an 03/04 Cobra to match the weight of your car and see where they would be, I bet they'd be right with you or ahead of you...
  20. Awesome absolutly aweomse.. a true road racer:hail2: how did you get the 335 out back to fit along with the 305 in the front?? I was down in buttonwillow a few weeks ago, dropping off my Saleen to go to Arizona.. I guess what you weren't there cause i would have remembered your car.. I like your setup, I like it alot.. Also you said that you have 600rwhp.. what type of mods do you have done to the engine??? Also I know what you mean about the 350Z guys.. lol they say that my Saleen is a big.. I laugh as I pass them on the outside of turn 4-5 at Leguna Seca... Also on the outside getting onto onramps and such on the street...:hail2: :nice: