whats up with you blower guys?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 86bluecobra, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. My Lightning weighs with me in it...4740 lbs...so no yapping about dropping weight ya lightweights.

    Something that seems to be forgotten alot...heat soak...it kills intercooled setups. Just I saw the post about running all day long...that's not completely correct power wise.
  2. damn 12.6's and nearly 5000lbs. you da man.
  3. The 335s were easy. I made some very low profile subframe bolts. The front is a bit of a issue at times. I had to adjust a couple places with a hammer and disk grinder. I still rub a bit in hard corners. I am looking at the Tiger racing fenders. They are 2" wider and would allow me to run 12" rims and 335s all around. They also weigh only 4 lbs each so that will help a lot.

    Upper and lower pullys. Ported blower and heads. Bassani/Borla. C&L intake. K&N Fipk.MAF extender. Diablo. Water injection. Upgraded heat exchanger. Electric water pump. Accusump. A few other odds and ends.
  4. Heat soak is a big issue. I added a electric water pump. Upgraded the heat exchanger. Upgraded the raidator. water wetter. The real fix for this is to dump any type of on top blower. The heat transfer is too much. Going to a centrifugal is the best way.

  5. Nice... I actually saw the Tiger racecar when I was down in Buttonwillow.. Also you said that you have a ported blower?? So it's still stock?? Just a port Job?? And ofcoarse all the other goodies... That's awesome :hail2: :nice: