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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 83gl, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. new dood here. i just have a couple of question about this piece of crap i call a mustang.

    first off, its a 1983 GL V6, with X14,688 miles on it(where X= some number since ford never thought their cars would last over 100,000 miles or soemthing), and a wonderful (3sp??) automatic tranny.
    onto the good stuff. for one, the car doesnt like to run. itll run as long as i have my foot on the gas, but other than that, it performs better with the keys in my pocket. it also sounds like its misfiring, but ive checked al lthe charging and ignition system components, and everything looks fine. so im guessing its low idle making it sound like misfires. which brings me on to another thing, how am i supposed to set the idle with no tach? i have a tach, it just doesnt work. just do it by ear?
    enough of that... i was at firestone the other day getting new tires since i just wished for the rim leak i got over night. i was looking through their stuff and noticed they did tuneups. now, i could do a tuneup myself, but i just dont fell like it. so i ask them how much to tune up the fuel and timing systems... and i get a $648 quote for both. wait, backup, $648 for a free car? dont think so buddy. i went on to tell him that its cheaper to get a new (used) motor, than it would be to pay him that much for a tune up.. he agreed with me. he gave me the number to a local auto dismantler(sp?) and just told me to let the owner know he referred me(like thats gonna matter, i still wouldnt get a discount). much to my suprise, its cheaper to buy a 5.0 engine than it is to buy the 3.8. now im stuck, do i want to do a 5.0 swap or stick to the v6? is there anything major id have to do to swap over to the 5.0?

    thanks for reading through my bring thread, any info would be much appreciated :D