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  1. Hi everybody. I'm new, just bought a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. I don't know to much about classics Mustangs but thats why I'm here! I got a load of extra parts that I'll put in the classifieds soon.
  2. Well hello there and welcome to Stangnet!

    I'm going to move your intro thread over to the classic section. I'm sure those guys will want to know more about your Mach 1. :nice:

    By the way... You're welcome to post your classifieds ads so please make sure you read through guidelines at the top of the classifieds forum so you have all the necessary info for your ad. :nice:
  3. There she is, complete with toothy grin! Straight as an arrow with no rust in sight. Has a 351C in it, previous owner yanked it out of his circle track car, so I'm a little worried it might be a bit much for a street car. I have the original Windsor, but it needs rebuilt. Its been sitting for 22 years just waiting for me to buy it. We got it sort of running yesterday.
  4. Those teeth are funny. What the heck?

    I'd love to have a Mach 1. One of my dream cars when I was a kid.
  5. nice project, love those 69s
  6. Doesn't everyone?

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