Mach 1 Whats wrong with 2nd gear?

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  1. I tried searching to see if there was a problem with second gear and didnt find anything. I feel like I grind the crap out of second gear when I shift. For some reason, it feels like something is restricting me from getting it in gear. I have only been driving stick for about a month now, but this is the only gear that does this. Im not sure if it matters, but my shift points for normal driving is anywhere from 2-3G.
  2. The Tremec 3650 has had some problems associated the synchros, so if your '03 is still under warranty have Ford possibly fix it under the TSB issued for that problem. If it's out of warranty or you would like to try this first, drain and re-fill with 3.0L (3.2 quarts) of Dexron III. Some Machs were overfilled at the factory and this might help/eliminate the problem.
  3. This might be a stupid question, but if I call Ford and say there is a TSB on this are they gonna be like "What the hell are you talking about?" Also, just to verify, TSB=tech service bulletin???

    So I just got off the phone and the service guy, real nice I might add, said that if its the clutch it is not under warranty cause that is a wear down item or something, but if its the synchros that is a warranty item. I also asked if they could change the trans fluid to 3.0L of Dexron and they said its fine, but that is not warranty as well. I said I dont care about that, I would just like to have it changed. ***Is 3.0L good enough or do I have to specify 3.2L?
  4. If a Ford dealer service department changes the transmission fluid they will most likely replace it with whatever amount was in there from the factory, i.e. until it just starts to run out of the fill hole on the right side of the transmission, regardless of how much you request it be re-filled with. So there would probably nothing gained there.

    If the clutch was going bad it would difficult to shift into every gear, and not just second.
  5. Don't let them change your fluids. Just go in and see if it qualifies for the TSB.
  6. I know a guy that has an '03 Mach and he took his Mach into the Ford dealership afew months back to get his synchro's looked at because his 2nd-3rd shifts were almost impossible. He'd have to shift from 2nd, then put it in neutral, then shift into 3rd. He took his Mach in before his 3yr. warranty ran out.
  7. Again, will they know what I mean if I say TSB? And why shouldnt I let them fill it, because of what GiveMeTP said about putting in the same amount of what came out?
  8. The TSB for the tranny giving problems with the gear clash is 4-15-6. And part of it says to replace the fluid to the new revised lower level using Motorcraft Mercon ATF. So I am going to tell them to use Dexron III in its place. So if I have to pay for anything it should just be the fluid. So why wouldnt I have them replace it if its under warranty?
  9. because of what tp said. but if it does involve them replacing it, let them do it their way. if it works, good, if not, then go there again.
  10. I dropped my car off at Ford today. The guy said he probably wont be able to look at it until Monday. I mentioned that I also heard a tick coming from the motor and I could hear it from my wheel well. I even asked my brother who had to drive the Mach to Ford and I had to drive the 5.0 if he heard any tick. He said he heard it and he was five feet from the car. When I told the guy that he kinda said in a tone well it could be the injectors. So I just asked politely if he could have someone listen to it. So now I have to go to school with the gas/oil guzzling 5.0.
  11. The tick is really obvious. I heard it once on another Mach and there is no mistaking it for injector noise.
  12. I wish I knew crap about cars and could ID the sound. I hear a sound coming from the shaker too. When my brother heard the sound we were both on the pass. side about 5 feet from the car. I cant really hear it while driving only because I either have the windows up or when they are down I hear the wind and exhaust and all the other noises. I think I might have read too into the tick and everything, but I would rather be safe then sorry.
  13. The shaker "rattle" is due to faulty isolators on the underside of the shaker. There are four of them and they ride on top of four ball studs. Some people found that greasing them with lithium grease and raising the shaker by shimming the ball studs with flat washers eliminated the noise. It did on mine. Ford later came out with a TSB whereby they will replace the faulty isolators with new ones. It's not hard to do yourself, but you can have them do it while they have your car. If you have the old style isolators, they will be white, while the replacements are black.
  14. Ford just called me back and said they ordered the synchro kit. I asked if they can change the TF to 3.0L of Dexron and the guy said sir there is only 17K miles on your car. I said on the TSB it says to change the fluid to the revised level. Can I call them about the noise and be like well I am not completely sure if the shaker is the noise, but could you replace the isolators anyway? Like this is the first car I had a warranty on
  15. I'm no transmission expert, but don't they have to at least partly disassemble the transmission to change the synchros, which will require the fluid in there now be drained (and hopefully not re-used). i still think no matter what you tell them they are going to put whatever type and quantity they think is correct, which will probably be too much. They might as well check the isolators while waiting for the synchro kit; if they're white they should be replaced.
  16. They have to drop the transmission and disessemble it. And if they say well we put so much of XX brand TF, I am going to complain. As for the isolaters, can I just ask for them to be replaced without having any proof of it being faulty?
  17. They will probably re-fill it with 3.8 quarts of Ford MERCON V specification transmission fluid. It was Tremec that came out with the recommendation back in 2003 to lower the factory fill, which I think was with a synthetic ATF, and use Dexron III. For the shaker, tell them it rattles and to replace the isolators. If they've already been replaced they will tell you I'm certain.

    My own warranty issues were limited to relatively minor things: the passenger seat rubbing against the door panel, the plastic windshield wiper cowl not fitted correctly, and the rear shocks leaked. The rear shock replacement was comical. Mach 1's come with Tokico rear shocks from the factory, but I got a call from the service writer that their tech "with many years of experience" determined my shocks were aftermarket because they didn't say "MotorCraft" and were therefore not eligible for replacement. I had to tell them to call their own parts department and see what comes up as replacement shocks for the Mach 1. Shocks replaced with apology accepted.
  18. You are right on with the first sentence. A lady from Ford just called and said that the car is almost done it should be finished first thing in the morning. I said great, she said the guy isnt even supposed to work tomorrow but he is coming in. I asked if she knoew if they changed the TF fluid and she said yes, mercon. I said I specifically asked for a certain brand and certain amount. She said you did, I said numerous times. She asked what I asked for and I said Dexron III with 3.0L. I never got around to asking them to replace the isolaters, and to be honest I wanna get my car outta there. I'll let you know what happens when I bring the TSB in and show them when I get my car. I even read off the TSb numbers to her when I was on the phone.