Whats Wrong With My Carb?

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  1. I have a 65 coupe with a 302. I have a 1850 Holley carb on it and when i try to start it gas comes up and out of the vent tube. i have attached a pic to show where exactly it is coming from.

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  2. Sounds like your float may be stuck open.
  3. Thanks. It has been sitting for awhile. Is there a better carb to buy that will withstand prolonged periods of sitting?
  4. carbs dont like sitting for ling periods of time. just take it apart clean it and re gasket it

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  5. Any carb may develop problems after prolonged storage, although I must say my Autolite 4100 sat for about 5 years, and fired up perfectly when I pulled it out of storage.

    Without a doubt, the Holley is the worst carb in this regard. Some of the fuel and vacuum passages are formed by the bowl gaskets, and all sorts of unfortunate things can happen when these gaskets dry out.
  6. The best you can do is store the car with a tank full of fresh gas mixed with the proper ratio of StaBil or similar product and if at all possible start/run the engine up to full operating temperature at least once every month or so. Besides cycling older fuel out of the carb for fresher fuel, you will also help to circulate the rest of the fluids, etc. 15-30 minutes of running should also keep the battery fairly happy.
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  7. well i ended up pulling the float adjustment out and put it back in and it fired right up and didnt have any problems besides running rich.... i try to run it every month but before i got my house i was unable to...
  8. robert912005,
    It is good that you found/cured your issue and VERY COOL that you actually posted back with your results! Many folks get good advice and then never let us know the outcome. I'm guilty of it too!:oops:
  9. Yea thanks for the followup. I just had the same problem on my motorcycle. The ethanol in the fuel these days is terrible for old carbs. Thank you, Washington.