What's your age?

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  1. I know this is kind of a stupid thread to start but ehh.....Im bored and i have wondered how old some of you guys are?or girls?

    Its time to start putting some ages to these user names:shrug:

    Btw.....im 19
  2. 48

    Some would say I'm "GrandpaDawg" but it's really GaryDawg.
  3. not any older then my dad:shrug:

    old man, LOL:rlaugh:
  4. will be 34 on thurs...
  5. Yes, but at my age I can afford a lot. :nice:

    (And still don't need Viagra... :p Wanna know how many young girls like older guys?)
  6. Thats just sick^

    Wait lemme guess! not many huh
  7. especially with money :canada:
  8. i know how many chicks go running for the older guy,

    meanwhile im looking for a couple of years older chick for myself.

    i have a great he **** potential, the second i land a chick with a great job im done working a good job:D he **** FTW:rlaugh:
  9. 18 in a few weeks
  10. 19 here, college student representin'
  11. 18, also in college
  12. So far a lot of youngens. I just turnd 25 two days ago. I feel so old. :nonono:
  13. 21 married for 2 years and my son will be 3 in jan.